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Greetings, fellow superhero fans! While trying to fall asleep watching The Flash, I stumbled upon an Easter egg so Easter-y and Egg-y that I had to jump out of bed to type this out - early morning work shift be damned!

While I'm here, Happy Mexican Independence Day! (It's also my birthday! Yay!!!)

Okay, back on topic.

While I was lying in bed watching The Flash Season 1 Episode 13 "The Nuclear Man," Barry was taking Linda Park on a second date after a successful first one where certain - ahem - issues were discussed...

Barry was telling Linda about his plans for the date.

Now, for those of you who have watched Young Justice, Mal Duncan was -


The second Guardian.

After the first resigned (There's a whole backstory, but I don't want to spoil too much).

In the comics, Mal Duncan was a talented musician who owned a nightclub. He saves the Titans one fateful night and later becomes Guardian.

Then Herald.

Who you might recognize from Teen Titans, the animated show.

Then he becomes Vox.

He loses his voicebox or something and fights crime- Steven Hawking style! Apparently, his optimism was stored in there somewhere because it looks like he stops smiling too. Look, read the wiki if you want to know more about it.



1. Eggs

2. Instant Oatmeal

3. Brown Sugar

4. A thousand years of darkness-

Sorry, got sidetracked there...

What is means is that Mal Duncan is a character in the Berlanti-verse(The CW DC universe named after producer Greg Berlanti)!

I'm guessing Mal will become Guardian over Diggle. If they decide to bring him up again. And if they don't, I doubt Diggle will be Guardian anyways. They created a completely original well-loved character! Why limit him to becoming a superhero that already exists?!

Plus, Diggle uses guns.

Can you really see this guy playing defensively?
Can you really see this guy playing defensively?

Guardian is known for his shield.

They would have to add at least a three episode-long arc where Diggle learns to fight with a shield. That's just foolish... And a waste of perfectly good arrow-shooting fun!

So there you have it, future Guardian already exists, though it seems he already is set to become Herald soon after. Then he'll possibly have his voice box torn out. But that's enough from a sleep-deprived writer! What do you think? Vote or comment below!

(Please don't post about the check you got from working from home)


Would you like to see Mal Duncan as Guardian?


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