ByAlex Ebrahim, writer at

Without doubt loki wins. He is great in strength & endurance like Thor, can travel into other dimensions in an instant, ability to manipulate magic could easily deceive your eyes, can let you see things that aren't real but loki doesn't need to use his powers to defeat captain America only his strength is far from enough, if comics really apply loki's full powers in the movies the avengers won't stand a chance also thor is much more powerful than he appears in films his hammer is so heavy that it's mass is far greater than its volume meaning that it will pull things very quickly towards itself (the hammer) almost the speed of sound yep that fast and when objects too close to the hammer they experience a much heavier gravitational pull that will eventually rip your body parts it will be messy also known as spagitification (I'm not sure about the spelling) well you all get the point they are very downgraded in there powers in the movies I mean even superman, hulk etc. If they were to actually make real physics out of it man it will be messy and real power.


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