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It's no secret that I love the Joker and it was sparked more by Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. Now don't get me wrong, Nicholson's performance is good as well, it's just that there's something more attractive in Ledger's performance.

Most likely because he did dive into the character study a little too much, but that's the mark of a great actor, in wanting to put as much of what the Joker truly was, which was a psychotic killer that only wanted to spread chaos everywhere, while obsessing over his arch nemesis, Batman.

Now I must admit for the most part of it I was never truly invested in the Batman comics to begin with, I always thought they were too lengthy. But upon learning of the Joker, I decided to look more into it. The Joker's origins are unknown, and perhaps will stay forever that way, and part of his appeal is just that, we want to know what pushed a man to be like this, what happened in his previous life before this alter ego took over and controlled him. We wanted to know what was that "bad day" he kept talking about in the comics.

Interestingly enough, he wasn't supposed to be a recurring character, it was just an idea by Paul Dini. But, he was a great character and he was such an interesting guy, that he became the arch nemesis of the Batman, becoming prominently his ghost at every chance he got.

His most popular origins are that he started off as a criminal named Red Hood, and fell into a chemical vat that turned his hair green and gotten a Cheshire grin. But even he said that he doesn't know his own back story and that he remembers only a little here and there, now and again, and like he says, he prefers it that way. That is in fact to keep being mysterious.

What is a great villain without a great woman by his side. And who more to push his buttons then the ever, spirited, lovely, and awesome Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn.
Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn was introduced, as a side character as well, but then, they decided to give her the same edge and interest as the Joker, and gives us the first insight into the psyche of the Joker. She started out as his doctor;Dr.Harleen Quinzell, and that's very interesting because it gives us that patient doctor dilemma thing and since she was quite young, she decided to empathize with the Joker. And little did she know she would be sucked in, into the world of the Clown Prince of Crime's.

She put up a lot with the Joker at every time and at any actions that he did. But at one point she was caught and was employed, or rather forced, into the Suicide Squad. There she became more dangerous then when with the Joker, and that's saying a lot because she was already quite dangerous, and it seemed that even though her heart with still with the Joker, she fell in love with a teammate of the Suicide Squad, Deadpool because he shared similar traits to the Joker.

But everything changed when the Joker got shot, and we could see Harley's heart break, and her breaking down and forced Deadpool to wear Joker's face, which he carved off himself to mock, the useless wearing of the mask of Batman.

As far as the relationship between the Joker and Harley, we will never know if it was ever real, because it was such a roller coaster relationship, one day they were so lovely to each other and the next, they weren't. Although, it must be said that Harley got closer to kill Batman, there is more of an affinity to her putting up with the Joker's stunts. And even in one point of the animated Batman series, he shot Harley thinking that she was manipulating him, but in actual fact he was just confused with his feelings and that he didn't want to admit his love for her.

But I always believed it and sometimes felt like Harley with her naivety at her most , and also the Joker's style of breaking down her preconceptions and ability to manipulate him. It was an abusive relationship, but I guess that could be argued that, that was what that made it easier. And Harley for me was a true girl, I mean like she was allowed to make mistakes and had the values with her, but chose to go with her heart and her instincts. But I still love her and I still love the Joker.

I guess it was because, I identified with both of them and it was to me the best villain partners of the DC world, especially Batman's.

Mr J and Harley Quinn
Mr J and Harley Quinn

So it's clear to see that I simply can't wait for the Suicide Squad, and hopefully more of Harley Quinn, because I would like to see her done more.


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