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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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When Leo dived into the depths of Inception, he took on confusion, dreams, and the mind-bending terror of blurring reality with subconscious thought. Sound familiar?

Any horror fan will think of The Dream Master himself, Freddy Krueger, who takes on Leonardo DiCaprio in this epic mash-up of Nightmare on Elm Street and Inception from video editor Whoispablo.

Check it out!

The short begins with the classic jump-rope game...

Then Wes Craven speaks:

He's trying to cross over, from film into our reality...In the dreams there is one person. A gatekeeper, so to speak. Someone Freddy's got to get by before he can enter our world. It's YOU.

[Leo gulps audibly]

He may 'specialize in subconscious security' but Leo is not ready for the onslaught of terror that Freddy brings.

Some clever cuts seamlessly blend Inception and Nightmare on Elm Street together.

It's a cool idea to take the complex subconscious system of Inception - which is kinda famous for having no 'big villain' - and chuck in the freakiest nightmare-dwelling villain in cinema. Well played, sir!


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I have no problem watching horror movies alone at night by myself.

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