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Rob Harris

With Spectre looking like it may well be Daniel Craig's last mission for MI5, fans are wondering who the next likely candidate to adopt the illustrious 007 callsign will be.

Despite author Anthony Horowitz claiming that Idris Elba is "too street" to play the iconic spy, many, myself included, believe he'd be perfect for the role - and after seeing this trailer you'll be convinced, too.

Remixed by Vulture, the video mashes up Bond-esque footage from BBC's detective drama Luther with Spectre's trailer, cleverly inserting Elba into the action to give us a sense of what he'd really look like if this dream casting came to be. Check it out below:

Okay, he does kind of resemble a lifeless cutout standee in this shot:

But the rest of the remixed trailer is awesome - clearly Elba would fit right in at home among the Bond girls, martinis and heavily accented villains.

Some may agree with Horowitz that Elba is used to more gritty, hard-boiled roles and would thus find it difficult to imitate the lighthearted suaveness that defines Bond, but I think his hardened qualities would really add to the role, and so does Idris. The actor responded to Horowitz's claims, saying that what he learned from the street would only benefit him:

But what do you think ? Did the remixed trailer convince you that he's the right man for the mission?



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