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Professing your love to an ex-girlfriend in a public forum is inadvisable, especially when you just so happen to be a newly wed, but it turns out a hacker and not Somerhalder himself was to blame for a recent outpouring of online affection toward Nina Dobrev.

The Vampire Diaries hunk's Twitter account was taken over for around 20 minutes on the evening of September 15 and one message in particular put 'Nian' and 'Delena' enthusiasts the world over into a frenzy. Check out the screen caps below and see if you can guess which!

Although there are plenty of people out there who would chop off their toes with a rusty spade for Ian's 'I love u' message to Nina to be true, the erratic tweets were quite clearly the work of a cunning hacker named 'cloudnine.'

Ian and Nina's on and off screen relationship was a huge fan favorite
Ian and Nina's on and off screen relationship was a huge fan favorite

The unidentified hacker ran riot on Ian's Twitter for a while, but they did eventually apologize for their actions and attempt to reunite the account boasting 6 million followers with its rightful owner as you can see in the top right and middle left of the tweet below.

I looks like the hacker did manage to put the account back into Ian's capable hands because he signed off with his signature bedtime salute on September 16.

The fantasy of Ian and Nina living happily ever after like their onscreen characters Damon and Elena (well, after Elena's long sleep...) might still throb through the veins of fanatic Vampire Diaries obsessives, but the fact that Ian is now married to Twilight alum Nikki Reed makes this romantic reunion extremely unlikely...

I guess they will just have to stick to fan fiction...

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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