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I reckon I've watched this movie around ten or twenty thousand times but apparently, no matter how good your Glen Coco game is, even a longstanding Mean Girls fan can let a few details slip through the net.

Check out the 17 little moments from this brilliant high school movie and let us know in the comments if they passed you by too!

1. They may have nailed the Mathletes, but when it comes to parking Ms. Norbury clearly knows jack about limits...

2. The Asian Nerds spend their lunch breaks playing card games...

3. Maybe 'fetch' could happen if more of their accessories were made from ping pong balls, eh?

4. She doesn't want her muffin buttered AND she's drinking soya milk... could Cady have a lil lactose intolerance perhaps?

5. According to the bathroom flyer the Talent Show is taking place on Thursday November 27th... on Thanksgiving? Little early for a Jingle Bell Rock, no?

6. A poignant little reference, the message on the board is actually a Shakespeare quote about three queens.

7. Regina George loves Avril Lavigne and The Strokes? What?

8. If you don't take notes during Sex Ed class, you will forget, and die.

9. The date reads October 14th...but this test took place after the winter talent show...HMMMM.

10. The literal Spelling Bee poster.

11. Damian's bedroom decoration truly out-gays itself.

12. Kevin G's 'Bad-Ass' business card is as on point as his rapping. 847 is an actual area code in Chicago, where the movie is set.

13. Regina has a copy of 'The Lively Art of Writing' in her drawer, which, although I'm sure aided the creativity within the Burn Book, is coincidentally a text loved by home schooled kids & their teachers.

14. "Always have a shopping strategy." And if that fails, you could try Sears?

15. Warning! Sexual activity is happening in the woods! Maybe that's where Amber D'Alessio made out with that hotdog that one time?

16. Some of the buttons on Ms Norbury's waistcoat read, "Never Stop Learning," "Say What," and "Make a Joyful Noise." There's also one that says "Help" which I think is the badge crying to be taken off that god awful...thing.

17. The poster above Cady's bed may read 'compassion', but that didn't seem to stop Aaron from going batshit when she vom'd all over his pants, did it?

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