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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Taylor Swift's posse of gorgeous, talented, famous women just got an extra member: A-List movie star Julia Roberts! During a recent stop on her 1989 tour in Santa Clara, CA Taylor welcomed Julia Roberts and music legend Joan Baez on stage with her.

Both women wore Taylor Swift shirts and totally rocked it, obviously! Check out the adorkable dancing from around 1:20 when Julia Roberts is unexpectedly thrust on stage!

Taylor was thrilled with her impromptu backing dancers, proudly plastering this pic up on Instagram with a suitably giddy caption:

Tonight Joan Baez and Julia Roberts danced it out to 'Style'. These two women are my heroes. What an honor.

According to Julia Roberts herself, the entire thing was NOT a set-up and took her completely by surprise! Talking to Extra the star explained:

No! Oh my God, I would have washed my hair if it had been planned. I was wearing a ponytail, leggings, and tennis shoes.

Roberts was at the concert with her kids like a regular mom.

They had never been to a concert before and they were big fans. [Taylor] said, ‘Would you mind coming on stage during the song and dancing?’

‘Oh, Mom you have to do it!' My youngest son said, ‘Only do it if you want to, Mommy.’ It was so sweet!

It was one of those crazy, out-of-body moments. I can’t tell you anything that happened from the moment I came on stage. I was so nervous.

Awwww! Good job, guys. From the screams of the audience, that was one happy crowd in Santa Clara!

Source: Extra, EW, Instagram, Youtube


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