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The moment the credits hit in Naughty Dog's breathtaking post-apocalyptic adventure The Last of Us, I set my sweat-covered controller down and was left with just one question on my mind: When can I do this all over again?

Although the esteemed developer currently has its hands full with Uncharted 4's March release looming on the horizon, it appears that The Last of Us 2 very much exists - they just don't want you to know about it yet.

Writer Josh Scherr might be regretting his recent verbal slip-up, accidentally revealing the existence of a sequel during one of the company's live streams. Check it out below:

The "first The Last of Us," huh? So there's got to be a second!

Stumbling over his words, Scherr then not-so-subtlety drew attention to his own mistake:

"Uh, did I say the first The Last of Us?”

Yes, yes you did. But regardless of how it came out, I couldn't be happier knowing that Naughty Dog are busy designing a follow-up to one of the most memorable narrative experiences in years.

It's perhaps not a huge surprise, considering voice acting virtuoso Nolan North, who played an exceptionally creepy cannibal in the first game, previously let slip that "I know they're doing The Last of Us 2" back in June:

So it's coming, but what form will it take? Well, lead developer Neil Druckmann has said:

"We have started brainstorming some stuff. To be honest, some of them are sequel ideas, and some of them are brand new IP - we've spent the last few weeks brainstorming new IP. So we have to get some good steps and see... It's kind of like how we approached Left Behind."
"Can we tell people a story that's really worth telling, and that's not repeating itself? And if we can't, where can we get inspired - what is something that's really going to challenge us, and push storytelling in this medium forward?"

As per usual, the perfectionists at the studio won't be happy with anything less than revolutionary, unafraid to explore untrodden territory. As such, I wouldn't be surprised if, instead of following Joel and Ellie's continuing adventure, the game branches off to explore fresh stories with brand new characters. That being said, a cameo from a grown up Ellie wouldn't go amiss.

What do you think - is the sequel as good as announced, or was this verbal slip up completely innocent?


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