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In the past few months, there has been a lot of speculation and discussion about Warner Bros.' future plans for Superman and a potential sequel to 2013's Man of Steel. While Superman will a play key role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and, presumably, the two Justice League films, there has been no official word on when or whether he will headline his own solo film again, a.k.a. Man of Steel 2. A couple of weeks earlier, it was reported that fan-favorite director George Miller (Happy Feet, Mad Max: Fury Road) was brought on board to helm Superman's next solo adventure. But unfortunately, immediately following this news, it was announced that Man of Steel 2 has been put on permanent hold. Since then, there have been conflicting reports from many sources about whether the film is actually happening or whether it has been indefinitely delayed.

But now, we may have details on what the story might have to offer from a supposed pitch that David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder gave to Warner Bros. for the sequel to Man of Steel.

While the status of the film remains indefinite, Heroic Hollywood claims to have knowledge about three characters who will supposedly appear in Man of Steel 2, and even claims to know what their roles in the story will be. (Please note that the following plot details are unconfirmed as of now, and so, treat them as nothing more than rumours.)

1. BRAINIAC (Vril Dox)

This green alien android is probably Superman's second greatest enemy, right after a certain bald megalomaniac. But oddly enough, according to this particular report, he won't be targeting Superman directly in Man of Steel 2. You guys surely remember that in Man of Steel, Jor-El fused the codex, an object which contains the genetic information of every Kryptonian, within his son's body. Well, according to the report, Brainiac will be searching for that same codex in Man of Steel 2, but at that point, it won't be in Kal-El's hands any more. It will somehow find its way to another survivor of Krypton...

2. SUPERGIRL (Kara Zor-El)

The DC Extended Universe's Kara Zor-El first appeared in the Man of Steel prequel comic as an aspiring member of the 'Explorer's Guild', an organization whose members travel to other potentially habitable planets to terraform them for eventual Kryptonian colonization. Like her cousin Kal, she survived the destruction of Krypton. The report further states that Supergirl will be just as important in Man of Steel 2 as Superman himself. Apparently, Supergirl being part of the story is what drew Miller to even consider directing Man of Steel 2, since he is passionate about strong female characters and protagonists (evident by the characterization of Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road).

3. BIZARRO (El-Kal/Kent Clark)

It is not stated specifically why Brainiac wants the codex, but it sounds like he will not be retrieving it all by himself (not at first, at least). Instead, using the Kryptonian genetic information he has collected himself, Brainiac will create Bizarro, a twisted clone of Superman, and send him to snatch the codex from Kara and this would, no doubt, result in him going toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. It should be noted that the circumstances of his creation and his origin are different here than his comic book counterpart. In the pre-Crisis timeline, he was created by General Zod and in the post-Crisis timeline, he was created by Lex Luthor. But I think that as long as the makers keep his brutish grey appearance and his opposite-themed speech patterns and set of abilities, it would hopefully satisfy the fans.

As mentioned earlier, Brainiac is one of Superman's greatest foes and I definitely want to see him adapted for the silver screen. And not only because he is absolutely awesome, but also because he is a very intriguing villain to explore. Frankly, I am surprised that Warner Bros. and DC haven't used the character in any of their previous cinematic ventures.

That being said, I have to admit that I'm extremely skeptical about Supergirl's inclusion in this rumour, especially given her upcoming television series on CBS. With a few notable exceptions (namely Barry Allen/The Flash), DC doesn't seem to like having multiple versions of the same character appearing in various forms of live action media at the same time, and from what we have seen so far, the world that Supergirl takes place in is not even remotely same as the much darker and grounded world of the DCEU. So if she indeed is a part of Man of Steel 2, it would make her one of the few characters lucky enough to escape this unofficial rule. But even if we let that slide, there remains another big problem with Supergirl's inclusion: the fact that the rumour states that Supergirl will be given equal importance in the story. Now, please don't get me wrong about this. I am not a misogynist or an anti-feminist or anything like that. The thing is that Superman is already basically biting the dust in next year's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, since Zack Snyder confirmed that the primary focus of the film will be more or less on Batman. And we all know that the focus on Batman will only increase in the coming years, with him appearing in Suicide Squad, supposedly getting his own trilogy and most probably becoming the leader of the Justice League in the two Justice League films. And now, as if Superman has not been neglected enough, he will not get a chance to shine properly in his own film! That is very unfair, to say the least.

So anyway, what do you guys think? Could all of this make a good story for the big screen? And even if these rumours are eventually proven to be false, would you like to see Brainiac, Bizarro and Supergirl in a future Superman film? Do share your opinions in the comment section below.


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