ByOlivia van der Will, writer at

Disney just surprised us all by announcing that our favorite nanny is returning. Mary Poppins will be gracefully gliding in for a sequel The action will kick off 20 years after the plot of the original movie with the magical singing nanny finding herself in the Depression era.

The new film will draw inspiration from all eight volumes written by the author P.L Travers and I truly hope that the sequel will honor the magic of the original books and movie. It also would be totally epic if the next installment is made for 3D viewing - just imagine the caring nanny flying above our heads through the auditorium, or the cartoon penguins dancing right before our eyes.

So which Hollywood stars could we see in fly into this magical sequel? Well, here are my top picks.

Mary Poppins - Anne Hathaway

Bert - Johnny Depp

Mr. Banks - Colin Firth

Mrs. Banks - Kate Winslet

Jane Banks - Amanda Seyfried

Michael Banks - Daniel Radcliffe

The Domestic - Cate Blanchett

Uncle Albert - Jim Carey

If you don't agree with my fan-casting and have a different suggestion, drop it in the comments below!


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