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Hart to Hart was a classic 1980s mystery TV series starring Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers. They were a husband and wife sleuthing team that loved one another almost as much as they loved getting into detective-mode in order to solve complex crimes.

NBC is picking up a new series, which comes from writer Christopher Fife of Revenge fame. It's supposed to be a slightly sexier retelling of the original, centered around the crime-solving adventures, this time, of a duo of gay men rather than a heterosexual couple.

There will be the by-the-book attorney Jonathan Hart and the free-wheeling investigator Dan Hartman. This news was first reported by Deadline.

EW reunited the original Hart to Hart duo in 2013, with Amy Poehler and Adam Scott serving as special correspondents. Check out it out in the video below.

(Via: EW)


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