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In these reboot-happy times, you just can't rule out the return of any of your favorite shows from yesteryear. It seems like once fans start chomping at the bit for new episodes with the original cast, it may be only a matter of time before that dream becomes a reality.

More than ever before, I find myself hoping that one show in particular gets the green light to continue a special family's never-ending dysfunction (and hopefully some impeccable rollerskate routines). Now that the idea is out there, I won't be satisfied until Malcolm in the Middle gets a continuation series, and luckily, cast members are also voicing their support.

Frankie Muniz first got the idea last week

As soon as he posted this tweet, everyone simultaneously realized how genius of an idea this is. Sure, he may not be exactly middle aged yet, but as a character who's constantly down on his luck, I'm positive there will be no shortage of crises. Now that the concept is out there, it just takes some momentum to get it moving.

You can't have Malcolm in the Middle without Malcolm, but what about the terrific supporting cast?

This just in: Bryan Cranston is all for it

When ET Canada asked Bryan Cranston which character from his career he would like to revisit, he promptly chose Malcolm's whacky father Hal.

It’s been 10 years since [Malcolm] went off the air, and it’d be fun to pick up that guy’s clothes again and be fun and sweet and adorable and hapless and clueless and afraid of everything.

It'd be a nice departure from his most famous role as Walter White on Breaking Bad, going from being the danger to fearing the danger. And, honestly, Bryan Cranston was always one of the highlights in Malcolm, so how great would it be to see him as a pessimistic, old retiree still dealing with his sons' problems?

Actually, scratch that "retired" part. Don't forget Hal's reaction when Malcolm asked about savings.

This may still be in the fantasy stage, but maybe if the entire cast gets onboard, we could see another season with an aged-up premise! Because what Heisenberg wants, Heisenberg should get.

(Source: ET Canada)


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