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“What happened here?”

And thus sets the theme for this years YouTube Space LA Halloween sets. Getting users geared up for their annual YouTube fear fest, the site has paired up with The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman and comic publisher Skybound Entertainment to host a truly terrifying series of spooky spaces. And we have a 360 degree preview for you.

As you travel around the creepy interactive set, all inspired by Kirkman’s works, doors open at random and as you're plonked in one space to the next you constantly have the suspicion that something is about to jump out at you or emerge from the shadows.

Here are a few little teasers to set the scene.

Starting with a kitchen-come-laboratory...

You're then moved on to a rather dismal living room. Watch out for the cabinet full of dolls heads as you pass through

By the time you've reached the dentists chair, you'll be utterly creeped out

Between now and October 29, 2015 YouTube creators have the opportunity to film on the sets. Plus, in addition to that, 15 selected creators will be attending a scriptwriting and contest based workshop led by Skybound. So cool!

Take the tour for yourself:

The final videos will be released between Oct. 26 and Halloween.

(Source: Daily Dot & TubeFilter)


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