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When you love a movie, it's easy to watch again and again. Taking a couple of hours out of your day to indulge in a film is a pleasant way to spend an evening, and it doesn't divert too much time from responsibilities.

TV shows, on the other hand, are something of a serious commitment. Re-watching even a single season of the average show will take you 15+ hours, and unless you have a whole lot of free time, that's no small task. (If you do have a whole lot of free time... how did you do it? Do you have a time turner? May I borrow it?)

My reaction to other people's free time...
My reaction to other people's free time...

That's why, if I've seen a show multiple times from start to finish, you know there's a good reason. There are some that I've watched repeatedly for nostalgic reasons (X-Men: The Animated Series), some that I was able to watch re-runs of when I actually had free time (Star Trek, the original Doctor Who), and a few that I turn to over and over again even now. One of these I'll post about tomorrow, for the final challenge on obsessions, and some others are so over-subscribed that it hardly seems worth mentioning them again. Would it really surprise you to know that I've seen Friends more times than is probably healthy?


So. Many. Times.
So. Many. Times.

So for this challenge, I looked for a show that I've seen every episode of more than twice, and that I will undoubtedly watch again in future, but that you might not have heard of...

Being Erica (2009 - 2011)

This show may not be well known, but it's got everything I need to add it to the re-watch list. In the first episode, we meet Erica Strange, a woman in her late twenties with a life that's falling apart. Not for any major reasons, but for all the minor ones that build up together; directionless in a career search, single, stressed out, unsure, and generally not where she thought she would be.

Look at that sad face...
Look at that sad face...

In hospital after a severe allergic reaction, she meets Dr Tom; an ordinary psychiatrist (at first glance). She quickly discovers that his kind of therapy is something completely different. With Dr Tom, she is able to travel back in time to every single regret she has in life, and change it. Time to do some serious introspection, self-discovery, and generally take the most interestingly sci-fi approach to figuring everything out.

This is a show that could so easily be trite, if not for the completely novel approach of flinging time travel in there. There are plenty of sitcoms about preternaturally attractive 20-somethings who start off as a hot mess and find their way to happiness. There are few others (if any at all!) that give our eminently relatable heroine this road to get there.

It's bright, it's funny, and it's got a solid core of inspiration. This is something to uplift, to motivate, and to watch over and over whenever life manages to get in the way of itself. Similar to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtt, but somehow more believable, this is the perfect pick me up, and thanks to Netflix, it's always there when I need it to be.


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