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It doesn't really feel like nine months since the critically acclaimed Sons of Anarchy ended it's six-year run on FX, after shredding the hopes and dreams of viewers on a regular basis with all the Shakespearean level tragedy that befell the characters on a regular basis.

A few years back series creator Kurt Sutter confirmed that he was interested in making a prequel show, titled First 9, chronicling the origins of SAMCRO and it's founding members. This project is still in the pipeline, but it looks like it won't become anything solid until Sutter finishes up with his current undertaking - The Bastard Executioner - as he wants to take some time off before coming back to the series with a fresh mindset. Understandable.

Last month the news hit that a sequel is being planned to begin production soon, however it's not First 9 but rather a spin-off featuring the Mayans - who you should remember as the Oakland motorcycle gang who had an off/on partnership with SAMCRO throughout the series run.

In a recent interview with Deadline Sutter spoke a little regarding the concept of the spin-off/sequel:

"The Mayan thing happened as I was talking to Eric Schrier, one of the FX executives I’ve known since The Shield. We were talking about the idea of doing things for other markets, like the Spanish-speaking market. I casually said I’d be open to doing something with the Mayans. It’s the same [biker] subculture, but it’d be interesting to see the influences of that culture and how it impacts the subculture we already understand."

He also confirmed that, as this isn't a prequel show, fans won't be seeing Charlie Hunnam make an appearance as series protagonist Jax Teller - but hinted at the possibility of seeing other members of the Sons of Anarchy cast dropping in and out.

Don't expect to see much of Charming or North Cal. either as he intends for the spin-off to be set somewhere removed from the landscape we became familiar with during Sons of Anarchy. This may very well be the right direction in which to take the series now though, to avoid backtracking upon the legacy the show left in the public imagination.

"I would do a contemporary piece, not a prequel, and place it far enough away from Northern California that it wouldn’t step on the mythology that’s already been told. It doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be some cool, ironic crossovers with familiar characters as the series progressed. I wouldn’t want to set it too close to the world we already know, and step on that. It would be cannibalising what we worked very hard to create and I wouldn’t do anything to undermine. We’re figuring out what that would look like and I’m in the process of meeting with writers and narrowing it down. My intent is, over the hiatus I’ll initiate a script for the pilot and take it from there."

Whilst it looks like whilst Sutter will be executive producing the Mayans project, it doesn't seem likely he'll be heading up the day-to-day production himself. Reports indicate that he's currently looking for someone to take over as showrunner for the spin-off, so rather than worrying that the spin-off will scupper the prequel, we can cross our fingers that this means we'll be getting two new Sons of Anarchy series instead of just one.

Which would you rather see, First 9 or the Mayans spin-off? Tell us in the comments below!


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