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Luna Lanie insists that her outfits aren't costumes; they're just her regular, everyday clothes.

And might I add she looks absolutely stunning in every piece she creates for herself! Instantly hooked after her first cosplay outfit as Rikku from FFX-2, Luna impressively does more than twenty cosplay outfits a year!

1. Harley Quinn

Photography by: Martin Wong

Move over, Margot Robbie! You've got some fierce competition. Or, at the very least, and awesome double.

2. Sailor Moon

Throwing it back to my childhood, Luna perfectly captures the power and beauty that comes with being Sailor Moon. Her eye makeup really makes her eyes pop.

3. Poison Ivy

I need a pair of boots like those in my life. And those dusty gold goggles give her a slightly steampunk vibe that is very badass.

4. Morrigan from Darkstalkers

She's looking devilishly good as the daughter of a demon king, Morrigan Aensland. She can darkstalk me any day!

5. Cindy from Final Fantasy XV

Photography by: Vivid Vision

I just realized I'm missing a massive staple in my closet: A really killer yellow jacket. This girl has got the look down, and I can truly believe she is the head mechanic to help you when you're ever in a pinch.

6. Yoko Littner

Mature and knowledgable, this Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren officer isn't afraid to show you her aggressive side if you get on her bad side. That's a bathing suit I'd be down to strut around at Vegas pool parties.

7. Daenerys Targaryen

Photography by: Nai Tsang-Cheng

All she needs is a dragon, and presto! She makes the most lovely Daenerys Targaryen in all of Dragonstone Island.

Be sure to check out this beauty's website and her Instagram if you want to see more of her incredible looks. I guarantee you won't be disappointed by the imagination and allure that is cosplayer Luna Lanie.

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