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In the run up to [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), fans are eagerly speculating over what hints and rumours for DC's upcoming movies could mean. One of the most hotly anticipated films is Gal Gadot's solo Wonder Woman flick, and casting rumours are flying about who will play which iconic comic role. Chris Pine has already been attached to the project, which lead many to assume he will portray Diana Prince's love interest Steve Trevor. And according to the latest news, Wonder Woman will face not one but two foes in her first solo outing!

So Who's Ready To Join The Cast?

No official announcements have been made as of yet, but the rumours currently making the rounds assert that Eva Green ( [300: Rise of an Empire](tag:43660), Penny Dreadful) and Sean Bean ( Game of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings) are in talks with Warner Brothers to play Wonder Woman's villains.

New stars for Wonder Woman!
New stars for Wonder Woman!

This news comes to us via HeroicHollywood, who are accurate in their predictions about 80% of the time. Of course, this casting is still in the very early stages: there are probably plenty more actors that Warner Bros are courting, and these stars may be dropped later on. But as producer Deborah Snyder recently confirmed, shooting for the solo Wonder Woman film begins in November, so WB don't have much time left to fill the roles.

Speaking of roles, we also have some idea of who the two actors will play. Sean Bean is slated to portray Ares, god of war and long time adversary of Diana Prince, while Eva Green could be Circe, sorceress and nemesis to Wonder Woman.

So much for the news! It's time to delve into comic canon along with what we already know about the Wonder Woman movie, and see if we can deduce just what these characters will mean for the plot.

Taking Up Ares' Mantle

First up: Ares. The god of war has had many incarnations throughout DC's long comic history, and he's clashed with Wonder Woman in almost every one. Sometimes known as Mars or even just War, his appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe opens up so many glorious story possibilities.

Ares in the comics
Ares in the comics

So far, it's been rumoured that the solo Wonder Woman movie will be set in the 1920s or 40s, establishing Diana's status as an immortal and giving some background to her appearance in Batman vs Superman. In some of the earliest comics, Ares messed around quite a bit in WWII: his powers to incite warlike intentions in humans meant that the world war was a veritable playground for him.

"All any of you mortals are good for is to slaughter one another. To fight and fight, until the bones of your enemies are strewn across the battlefield. Only to rise again in the next generation, like a well-tended crop." - Ares, DCAU

Wonder Woman managed to halt his manipulation (of course), rescuing boyfriend Steve Trevor in the process.

Warner Bros could definitely use this storyline to their advantage, telling a long story of Ares attempting to start plenty of humanity's wars over the years, with Wonder Woman stopping him. This would also explain why she didn't appear in Man of Steel: she was just too busy preventing Ares from plunging us into WWIII! But this is only one route WB could take: as many have already pointed out, the current films seem to be taking inspiration from DC Comics' New 52 continuity, which paints a different story for Diana and Ares...

New 52 For DCCU?

In the New 52, Wonder Woman is not daughter of the Amazonian Hippolyta, but rather a the demigod child of Zeus. Ares is older, still immortal but much older and less war like. His relationship with Diana is far more benevolent, more like a mentor, as he trains her in the art of war. Tragically, she kills him in the process of taking down the monstrous villain First Born, and later takes up his mantle, becoming the Goddess of War.

This could be a lot more interesting than just using Ares as a clear-cut villain, even one that provides a storyline that stretches through the ages. This way, Wonder Woman could have an origin story that explains why and how she is the Goddess of War, and giving her tale poignancy in the death of a beloved mentor. Plus, the way Ares appears in the New 52 arc certainly looks fitting for Sean Bean, and he does have the tendency to die a lot...


Of course, this is still all speculation, but so far the Wonder Woman movie is shaping up to be one of the highlights of DC's planned projects! And what of Circe? Well, in all versions of Wonder Woman's story Circe is one of her most powerful opponents, who has a personal vendetta against Diana.

With her fearsome magical powers, Circe is an excellent foe, and we can wait to see Eva Green in the role... if that is what DC is planning. And honestly, they'd be stupid not to cast Eva Green as Circe - she has a ruthless energy and penchant for playing dark and powerful characters. Plus, she looks awesome in armour!

Eva Green in 300: Rise Of An Empire
Eva Green in 300: Rise Of An Empire

So what do you think: would Eva Green and Sean Bean be good additions to the Wonder Woman cast? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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