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All my friends in high school were so excited to play this game. I knew nothing about Halo because I grew up with both Playstation consoles. But for Christmas of 2007 I got a Xbox360 along with Halo 3. I couldn't be happier it was so exciting!

Yeah boy!
Yeah boy!

This game holds a lot of memories. This was the first game I played through with a friend all night together on the hardest difficulty getting all the skulls, and getting drunk while doing it. I remember passing out right before we made the leap from the warthog at the end of the game.

In the beginning we horsed around killing each other, but after that we started to work as a team. It was so much fun especially playing with your best friend. I remember all the stupid things we used to do in the game that we thought would help our team win a match or a level.

Also, I can't forget playing on Live and being able to create your own map was great! Just an incredible engaging experience that I haven't seen done before.

Going back and playing it from the remastered collection that was recently put out was like a wave of nostalgia coming over me. I melee'd so many covenant forces like it was my job. It was so much fun I want to go play it again right now!


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