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So, dad decided to take the whole Russian Ballet crew with him on what everyone is calling the "Love Boat".

Yeah, i know.

So everyone is having a field day with this. Even Sophie laughed.

"Really? All those girls?!"

I just sighed, looking down at my desk.

"Yes. And don't ask why. Because frankly, i don't want to know"

Sophie grinned.

It's not that i don't know anything. It's just when it comes to Batman, dad doesn't want me involved with it. To keep me safe is what he always says.

"So Soph, are you still coming to the fundraiser?"

"Are you kidding? You know i wouldn't miss it"

I grinned at her. Just then, Ed ran into the room, looking panicked.

"Guys! You have to see this, it's something about Batman"

My heart instantly stopped. I jumped from my seat, running out into the lobby, seeing the headline on the tv.

'Batman Dead?'

My heart dropped moving closer to the tv. Then i instantly realized it wasn't dad. I sighed in relief.

I continued to listen to Mike Engel.

"Citizens, please beware. This image is disturbing"

The screen changed to a man dressed as Batman, tied up on the floor.

"Tell them you're name"

"Bryan Douglas"

The man behind the camera laughed, sending chills down my spine. That laugh is so familiar.

"Are you the real Batman?"


"No?! Then why do you dress up like him?"

He pulled the mask off of his face, dangling it in front of the camera.

"He's a symbol that we don't have to be afraid of scum like you"

"Yeah you do Bryan, you really do. Yeah. Oh sush sush sush sush sush. So, you think that Batman's made Gotham a better place?"

I couldn't stop shaking. This is horrible.

An inoccent man being punished for what he believes in. What has this world come to?

"Look at me. Look at me!!!"

Sophie and i jumped. Just then, the man behind the camera, turned it towards himself. My eyes widened. The scars, that laugh.


"You see, this is how crazy Batman's made Gotham. You want order in Gotham, Batman must take off his mask and turn himself in. Oh and, everyday he doesn't, people die. Starting tonight. I'm a man of my word"

I instantly fell to the ground upon hearing his laughter, unable to watch any longer.

He has been in front of me all along, and did nothing. He never once had any of the make up on. And he talked in a much deeper voice.

Why wouldn't he hide himself with me? It's like he wants me to really see him. But he also needs me for something.

He's not a man to go after someone, and do nothing in the end.

But the question remains, what does he want with me? And what does he have planned?


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