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I'm about 15 hours into Destiny's latest expansion: The Taken King and I am absolutely blown away by the effort put into this single expansion. Not only is it worth the $40 in my opinion, but if you were a player before, then it is absolutely worth going back to.

You have your three new subclasses for each main class (as you see in the picture), you have new weapons, an actual story arc, a new area to explore, and a big new bad boss to fight as well. There is so much more than that too. I could go on and on about this but I am going to stop giving the details and let you know that this is exactly what we should have expected on day 1. I know there were a lot of technical issues and people leaving the company, but somehow Bungie picked themselves up from their bootstraps and actually delivered a product as big as Halo.

As I said before, the game actually has a story now. Previously the story was put into a card system that you had to almost translate into a story by yourself via internet or phone (yeah, not in game). Not only that but there is character interaction greater than "Hi, here is a quest." There are entire sections were Nathan Fillion's character Cayde-6 actually talks to other characters and helps produce a plot instead of just giving a pre-game narration. You also have a new Ghost voiced by the infamous Nolan North, and man does he do a great job in this expansion. There are some segments where North really delivers on a level that seemed to be missing from the original game. There is heart and passion from all the actors in this game in order to deliver on the greatest threat that the game has never seen before: Oryx.

Oryx is the big bad-ass boss of the Hive. He is looked up to as a god amongst these insect like creatures. On top of that he really likes to abduct anything he can get his hands on. This helps him create his own personal army he calls "The Taken." Now it is your job as a Guardian to take down Oryx before he causes more destruction. Of course you can't do it alone, and that is where this story actually happens. Cayde helps you get what you need in a series of colorful scenes complete with classic Fillion swagger.

Cayde helps you break into your position within this story, and as you traverse the world, you are also brought onto the new area: The Dreadnaught. This is Oryx's turf, and he'll be damned to let you into his humble abode without a fight. Of course there is more there than just a bunch of Hive, but that is for you to discover.

The missions are filled with more action and actual story telling than the initial game when it released last year. Once again, I don't want to spoil it for you, but within the first 30 seconds of the first new mission I was taken back by the scene.

Of course, story missions aren't the only thing to do. There is quite a bit of extra stuff to do besides the main story. This includes a bunch of random quests that will reward you with some excellent weaponry and armor. There are also quests that will introduce you to your third subclass. Each one is unique to the third element that your class lacked prior to this expansion. Each new subclass even feels more complete compared to the previous classes. Your hunter's bow, Warlock's lightning, and Titan's hammer all have this feel of mass superiority over anything you are hoping to overtake. You feel powerful, you feel like the legend that the game wants you to become.

The expansion is fantastic all around and if you are fan of the series that stopped playing, dive back in because you'll kick yourself for missing out on this. If you have never played this before, then right now is the perfect time to jump on in.


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