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Now, the wait for official Captain America: Civil War footage may be growing increasingly hard to bear - especially after the near-constant stream of awesome set pics that have been pouring out for the past month or so - but that doesn't mean it's anything close to hopeless.

After all, there's always the chance that Marvel will spontaneously decide to release a teaser trailer, or that some kind of fan event we're at will happen to feature a screening of some early footage. In fact, for one lucky group of fans, the latter possibility looks set to become a reality pretty darned soon. Y'see:

Captain America: Civil War Footage is Set to Be Screened This Coming Weekend

The only problem?

It's going to be shown at the AsiaPop Comic-Con in the Philippines, which means that for the vast majority of us fans, the wait for footage will continue.

For anyone who's going to be in Manila this coming weekend, though, it sounds as though there's a pretty awesome time heading your way. Not only is CNN reporting that the AsiaPop audience is set to see a trailer being shown "definitely for the first time in Asia-Pacific" - which seems to suggest that it could be a completely distinct set of footage from that seen at D23 last month - but a certain Paul 'The Vision' Bettany is set to be in attendance, too.

As event organizer Rita Magnus, general manager of Universal Events and Entertainment, put it:

"We wanted to bring somebody from the cast of Avengers...someone big in the Marvel’s Civil War movie…and The Vision is a really big character."

Which might, in turn, suggest that The Vision is set to have an even bigger role in Civil War than previously expected - a pretty exciting prospect to ponder while we wait.

Though it'd still be nice to see a teaser trailer before we all explode in anticipation...

What do you reckon, though?



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