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After the fundraiser, dad made sure that I stayed home for a couple of days. Said I needed to stay low. Let me tell you, I was going insane just sitting around the house.

It's given me plenty of time to think. And about none other than the clown prince of crime himself.

The main thing is me dangling from that window. Surly I thought he'd drop me, giving me that smirk of his and say he was only joking about not hurting me. But he seemed so serious.

And that's what scares me the most.

He's had numerous times where he could easily hurt me. Or kill me. But never once has he attempted it.

And honestly, I've never actually felt frightened by him.

That's another thing that scares me.

I should run when I see him. Yet, I get closer. In all honesty, he fascinates me.

I just want to know the reason for his scars. How he got them, who gave them to him. And why.

He's causing all sorts of chaos and anarchy for Gotham.

That should have me running for the hills right there. But no. I have to be me and just get closer too the insanity.

But hey, don't judge.


I was shaken from my thoughts upon hearing my dad. And here we go.

I smiled at him once he entered.

"Hey dad. What's up?"

"The fundraiser..."

I groaned. He seriously is still going on about this.

"Dad please. I'm okay. Everyone is okay."

He gave a little smile.

"I know. The question I have is about Joker"

I froze.

"Oh yeah? What?"

Play it cool.

"He seems to have taken a liking to you."

"Don't know why honestly."

"Just please, be careful. I know I've told you this countless times. But I mean it"

I rose from my bed, saluting him.

"Yes sir"

He gave a little laugh. Then hugged me.


Going back to work tomorrow will be such a good distraction. And hopefully I can get on some of the action going on with the GCPD.

Jim said I could maybe help investigate some things. But nothing major. It's something anyway. But now, it's time for sleep.

I was currently downstairs in the sitting room with Dad and Alfred, when I rose from my chair, smiling.

"Well, I better go to sleep. Got to get up bright and early."

I gave Alfred and Dad a hug, kissing each of their cheeks, then went on up to my room.

Upon entering, I noticed my balcony window was wide open.

I froze, instantly looking around for anyone. I slowly walked further into the room, turning on my light, seeing Jack sitting on my bed, grinning.

"Such a beautiful room. It really uh, fits you."

He rubbed his hand along my bed, then rose, slowly walking around the room.

"Jack. What are you doing here??"

He laughed.

"I figured you'd be happy to see me beautiful. Or are you disappointed?"

He gave me a pouty face. I just grinned.

"How could I be disappointed?"

He grinned. Then came over to me, grabbing my hand. I didn't know what to do honestly. I'm in my room, alone, with the joker.

But yet, I still didn't feel fear.

"No need to worry doll."

"Okay really. I can't help it. What do you really want? Is it my dad? Or what?"

He just stared at me.

"Jack? Please."

He gently brought his hand to my face, rubbing his thumb across my mouth.

"No no silly. You see, I want you. I mean sure, it was just going to be a little uh, visit at the paper. But I decided I couldn't do that. You're perfect"

I widened my eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

He laughed manically.

"Oh, you know. Things."

I shook my head in frustration. He just smirked.

"Getting mad are we?"

"I just don't understand you."

He looked at me, his smirk fading.

"But I want too."

He gave such a serious look.

For a moment I figured he was mad. But then he gave a little grin, recovering from whatever he was thinking.

I bravely brought my hand to his mouth, placing my finger gently on his scars. At first he flinched, but then stopped himself.

"You're scars. I want to know the real reason for them. And it's not you're 'wife' as you have already told."

He gave me a hard look, then smacked my hand away, backing up. Then he looked at me, bringing that grin back to his face.

"Must be going doll. Have lots of things to plan. Gotham is in for a surprise."

Jack went out the balcony door, turning to look at me, then jumped down.

I walked over and closed the door, locking it, then slid down it.

This is all confusing.

He wants me. Not my dad. But me. But hell, he don't know my dad is Batman, otherwise it'd be a whole other story.

Even though I tried telling myself this, I knew it wasn't true. When he said that, he was so serious. He wasn't joking around this time.

So what does he have planned next?

Only time will tell.


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