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Humans are at the top of the food chain. They are intelligent, cunning, formidable, but, sometimes you need to release your inner monster and turn into the rare creatures that live around you. Like the DC Teen Titan, Beast Boy, and the 10 year old superhero Ben 10.

Beast Boy

Raised with a rare disease, Garfield Logan was given a serum originating from a Green Monkey. This resulted in him gaining green skin and the ability to transform into any animal he wants. These abilities allowed him to join the Doom Patrol, The Teen Titans, and Young Justice, giving him the chance with the likes of Robin and Kid Flash. Beast Boy is an incredibly powerful opponent who shouldn't be underestimated.


  • Martial Artist- Beast Boy has some slight skill in Martial Arts. While no where near the level of the likes of Robin, he still has enough skill that allows him to hold his own in a fight.
  • Animal Shape Shifting- Beast Boy's primary abilities stem from his unique feature of being able to shape shift into any animal he wants. If it lives on the planet, Beast Boy can turn into it. He has also been able to transform into Extraterrestrial Animals as well. This unique ability grants Beast Boy numerous abilities.
  • Superhuman Strength- Beast Boy can transform into a Gorilla, Elephant, Tyrannosaurus Rex, etc. to grant him incredible strength. Any large powerful creature grants Beast Boy massive strength.
  • Superhuman Speed- By transforming into a Cheetah, the fastest land animal, or Peregrine Falcon, the fastest bird, grants Beast Boy incredible speed.
  • Flight- Transforming into a flying insect or bird grants Beast Boy flight.
  • Superhuman Durability- Transforming into something like a Triceratops or Ankylosaurus will grant Beast Boy incredible durability.
  • Numerous Other Abilities- Beast Boy's ability grants him numerous other abilities to choose from, too many which I can't go over entirely, like camouflage with a Chameleon, or Superhuman Senses with a Dog.
  • Hybrid Transformation- If needed, Beast Boy can transform into a Hybrid, which is a fusion of all of Earth's Animals. This grants him all of Earth's Animals' abilities at once, making him incredibly formidable. But there is a cost, as he loses self control and becomes a mindless beast in this form.

Ben 10

Ben Tennyson was your average kid. He did terrible in school, played, around, took nothing seriously, loved video games. Your average 10 year old. However, this all change when a mysterious watch crash landed on Earth and attached itself to Ben's arm. This granted Ben the ability to transform into numerous extraterrestrial creatures, granting him numerous powers that he uses to be a superhero.


  • Possesses the Omnitrix- Ben possesses the alien device known as the Omnitrix. This grants Ben to transform into any alien creature he wants for a limited time, however he has hacked into the watch on numerous occasions, allowing him to turn into any Alien, at any time, for however long he wants. Now for this battle, I will be using the Aliens from the Original series, which is without a doubt the best series and it will make the fight more fair due to the immense amount of Aliens Ben gains throughout the many different series.
  • Heatblast- This alien grants Ben, Pyrokinesis. He is able to manipulate and control fire, as his body is composed of fire.
  • Wildmutt- This alien is a animalistic type of Aline, granting Ben enhanced smell, and a sense that allows Ben to detect his surroundings, despite him being blind. His physical attributes are also enhanced, making him fast and strong.
  • Diamondhead- This alien grants Ben with a diamond hard body, giving him superhuman strength and durability. He is also able to fire diamond projectiles and form shields and walls of diamond.
  • XLR8- This alien grants Ben superhuman speed, enabling him to travel at around 500 miles per hour.
  • Grey Matter- This alien is a small, squirrel sized alien, but grants Ben incredible amounts of intellect, surpassing that of any normal person, making Ben a genius.
  • Four Arms- A large red four armed alien, Four Arms is a huge brute that grants Ben superhuman strength.
  • Stinkfly- An insect like alien that grants Ben the ability to fly, crawl up walls, and fire a sticky substance from the appendages on his face.
  • Ripjaws- A fish like alien, this grants Ben the ability to breathe and swim underwater at incredible speeds. He also has a jaw with teeth that enables to nearly bite through anything. However, this alien needs water and will dehydrate quickly.
  • Upgrade- A gooey malleable alien that can merge with any type of technology, allowing to hack into and control any device.
  • Cannonbolt- A large alien that can morph into a ball and roll into things at incredible speeds. It's ramming power allows Ben to easily maneuver around the field and crash into enemies with brute force.

Alright, we've seen what these shape shifters bring to the table, lets see who has the better transformations in this Battle Arena.


(A arcade is seen having an Free Games All Day. Ben Tennyson walks by and sees this.)

Ben: Oh my God, I need to get in there!

(Beast Boy is seen walking by elsewhere and sees the Arcade)

Beast Boy: Oh my God, I need to get in there.

(Ben and Beast Boy both simultaneously transform into a creature, with Beast Boy transforming into a squirrel while Ben transforms into Grey Matter. They 2 sneak into the arcade due to the incredibly long line. They separately roam through the arcade undetected due to their small size, and both come across eachother as they approach a Sumo Slammers arcade machine. Grey Matter looks at Beast Boy, who is a squirrel.)

Grey Matter: Alright, now I know for a fact that squirrels aren't supposed to be green.

(Grey Matter transforms back into Ben and looks down at the squirrel, which transforms into Beast Boy.)

Ben: Woah, that was weird.

Beast Boy: What in the world was that thing?

Ben: None ya business, now leave so I can play this.

Beast Boy: Maybe I want to play this.

Ben: Well I got here first.

Beast Boy: No, I did!

(Both Ben and Beast Boy look at eachother in anger.)

(Diamondhead is then seen charging at Beast Boy, who transforms into a Rhino and charges at Diamondhead. The 2 collide, with Diamondhead grabbing Beast Boy's horn and kneeing him in the face with his diamond hard knee. Diamondhead then punches Beast Boy, who transforms into a bird that flies towards Diamondhead, then quickly transforms into a Croocdile that bites onto Diamondhead's arm. Diamondhead shapes his arm into a spear and thrusts it into Beast Boy, who turns into a swarm of bees that flies away and reforms behind Diamondhead, transforming into a Gorilla that grabs Diamondhead and throws him into a wall. Diamondhead quickly fires many projectiles at Beast Boy, who turns into a Fly and easily dodges them, flying towards Diamondhead. Beast Boy transforms into a Elephant and steps on Diamondhead, who stabs Beast Boy in his foot with his spear shaped hand. Beast Boy roars in pain and transforms back into his human form.)

Beast Boy: Ouch!

Diamondhead: We done here?

Beast Boy: you aren't going to get away with that, kid.

Diamondhead: You're calling me the kid? Alright.

(Diamondhead fires multiple Diamond projectiles at Beast Boy, who transforms into an Anaconda and swirls through the air, dodging the projectiles easily, and as he lunges at Diamondhead, Beast Boy transforms into a Triceratops, crashing Diamondhead into a wall. Beast Boy begins pounding Diamondhead to the ground as a Triceratops, forcing Diamondhead to dive out of the way and press his Omnitrix symbol, transforming into Stinkfly. Stinkfly flies around Beast Boy and fires many sticky slime blasts at Beast Boy's eyes. Beast Boy moves around, blinded, then transforms into a Tiger that claws the goo off his face. Beast Boy then looks forward, only to get smashed into a wall by Cannonbolt, who rolls into Beast Boy at full speed. Beast Boy crashes into a wall, then transforms into a Gorilla. Cannonbolt rolls towards Beast Boy, who grabs Cannonbolt and throws him with his immense strength. Cannonbolt smashes into a wall, then stands up.)

Cannonbolt: Enough of this, monkey brain!

(Cannonbolt presses his Omnitrix symbol and transforms into XLR8, who runs around the arcade, striking Beast Boy numerous times at blinding speeds.)

(Beast Boy gets angry and transforms into a Blue Whale, sending XLR8 flying back.)

XLR8: Woah, this isn't good.

(Beast Boy then transforms into a Sabretooth Tiger and runs towards the knocked down XLR8, who easily sucker punches Beast Boy in the face with his insane speed, but Beast Boy transforms into an Anaconda that wraps around XLR8, slowly constricting him. XLR8 yells in pain, then presses his Omnitrix symbol, transforming into Heatblast, who emits tons of fire from his body, burning Beast Boy, who slithers away and transforms into an Ankylosaurus, who charges towards Heatblast who fires beams of fire at Beast Boy, but to no avail.)

Heatblast: Aw come on.

(Beast Boy swings his tail into Heatblast, sending him crashing out of the building and into the streets. Heatblast gets up, only to look forward and get kicked in the face by Beast Boy, who has transformed into a Horse and leaped towards Heatblast, knocking him down. Beast Boy transforms into a Wolf and barks at Heatblast.)

Heatblast: You want to play Dog? Alright.

(Heatblast presses his Omnitrix symbol and transforms into Wildmutt, who roars at Beast Boy and charges at him. Beast Boy, leaps out of the way and transforms into Wildmutt as well due to him being an alien animal. Beast Boy charges at Wildmutt, and the 2 lunge at eachother. They dig their claws into one another and bite onto eachother. Beast Boy smacks Wildmutt onto the ground, only for Wildmutt to lunge at Beast Boy, biting onto his neck and tackling him onto the ground. Wildmutt gets an advantage over Beast Boy as he bites harder and digs his claws deeper into Beast Boy, who roars in pain. Beast Boy turns into a bee and flies away, then flies above Wildmutt and transforms into a Great White Shark, biting onto Wildmutt's back. Wildmutt roars in pain as Beast Boy turns into a Crocodile and bites hard. Wildmutt presses his Omnitrix symbol and turns into Ripjaws, who smacks Beast Boy to the ground.)

RIpjaws: My turn.

(Beast Boy and Ripjaws lunges at eachother, with Ripjaws biting onto Beast Boy's jaws. Ripjaws swings Beast Boy around and tosses him aside. Ripjaws runs toward Beast Boy, who turns into a Bear.)

(Beast Boy smacks Ripjaws onto the ground, then lunges at him. Ripjaws moves to the side and bites onto Beast Boy's shoulder. Beast Boy roars in pain, then swings his claws at Ripsjaws, scratching his side. Ripjaws lets go and presses his Omnitrix symbol, transforming into Upgrade. Beast Boy turns into a Rhino and charges at Upgrade, who latches onto Beast Boy and molds his body around Beast Boy's, blinding him. Beast Boy moves around, panicking, only for Upgrade to reform off Beast Boy and morph his arm into a wrecking ball, which he swings into Beast Boy, sending him flying into a building. Upgrade morphs both of his arms into Wrecking balls and slowly walks over to Beast Boy, who turns into an Elephant and swings his trunk into Upgrade, senidng him flying into another building. Upgrade merges with a nearby copy machine and turns it into a walking laser blaster, firing many lasers at Beast Boy. Beast Boy oars in pain, then turns into a Falcon which flies towards Upgrade, transforming into a Rhino at the last second, crashing into Upgrade with immense force. Upgrade morphs back into his humanoid shape and stretches his arms at Beast Boy, wrapping them around Beast Boy, who transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.)

(Beast Boy swings Upgrade around like nothing, with Upgrade attempting to harm Beast Boy, but to no avail.)

Upgrade: I handled one of you before.

(Upgrade presses his Omnitrix Symbol, transforming into Four Arms, who runs and punches Beast Boy in the face with enough force that sends him crashing onto the ground. Beast Boy swings his tail into Four Arms, sending him flying into a building, but Four Arms gets out unscathed. Beast Boy gets up and runs at Four Arms, who jumps and punches Beast Boy in the face with his 2 right arms. This sends Beast Boy crashing into the ground. Four Arms then runs and grabs onto Beast Boy's jaw, dragging him against the ground. Four Arms jumps in the air, taking Beast Boy's head up with him, then smashes Beast Boy down onto the ground. Beast Boy shakes his head, then gets up and snaps his jaws at Four Arms, who grabs his upper jaw and lower jaw and holds them in place. Beast Boy uses as much biting power as possible, but Four Arms is too strong. Four Arms then kicks one of Beast Boy's teeth out, putting him in lots of pain. Four Arms then jumps in the air and slams his feet downwards onto Beast Boy's face. The insane beating results in Beast Boy turning back into his human form, with Four Arms walking towards him.)

Four Arms: It's over green bean, just give up.

Beast Boy: I'm not gona let you push me around!

(Beast Boy yells and transforms into his Hybrid form.)

Four Arms: You gota be kidding me.

(Four Arms is then seen flying into the streets. He gets up, only to get slammed back down by Beast Boy, who claws at Four Arms multiple times. Four Arms punches Beast Boy off him, then gets up and rams Beast Boy into a truck. Beast Boy grabs Four Arms' head and smashes it into another vehicle. Beast Boy digs his claws into Four Arms' back, putting him in major pain. Four Arms gets up , then uppercuts Beast Boy, sending him flying into the sky, but as he flies into the sky, Beast Boy latches onto a building, then lunges at Four Arms, tackling him down. Beast Boy bites onto Four Arms' neck, and digs his claws into his side. four Arms yells in pain, then presses his Omnitrix Symbol, transforming into Grey Matter. Grey Matter runs away in fear, only for Beast Boy to sniff him out and run after him. Grey Matter quickly transforms into Stinkfly and flies into the air, firing goo blasts that stick Beast Boy to the ground. Beast Boy roars in anger and rips through the sticky goo, only to turn around and get ran over by Cannonbolt. Beast Boy is struck multiple times by the unstoppable Cannonbolt, but then retaliates by grabbing a nearby car and swinging it into Cannonbolt, sending him flying into a far away building. Beast Boy roars, only to get struck by XLR8, who flies past him with blinding speeds. Beast Boy is struck numerous times, then as XLR8 is about to strike Beast Boy again, he quickly presses his Omnitrix symbol, transforming into Four Arms, who punches Beast Boy in the face. The amount fo strength Four Arms possesses combined with the amount of speed and momentum given to him thanks to running as XLR8 grants Four Arms enough power to rip Beast Boy's head off, spraying blood everywhere.)

Winner = Ben 10

Reason: While Beast Boy may have many more transformations than Ben, and is the better fighter, Ben's transformations have the better quality to them. Non single animal at Beast Boy's disposal could be enough to take down Ben, whose aliens have the better abilities. While yes, Beast Boy has transformed into Aliens before, meaning he could transform into any of Ben's aliens, that wouldn't matter due to Ben having more experience using the Aliens than Beast Boy would, as seen in my fight simulation where both of them were Wildmutt. Once Ben started utilizing all of his Aliens abilities in unison with one another and performed smart coordinated attacks using his aliens powers, he easily gains the advantage. Both of these characters aren't smart, are immature, childish, but Ben's aliens grants him the better abilities. Four Arms possesses greater strength than any of Beast Boy's animals, XLR8 possesses greater speed, Diamondhead and Cannonbolt possesses greater durability. Ben's aliens with the better quality allowed him to take out the more versatile Beast Boy.


Majin Buu
Majin Buu



Hello everybody, I hope you enjoyed this installment of Battle Arena. I would like to thank you for the tremendous amount of views and engagements "War Machine vs Steel" received, it really gave me a big motivation boost to continue these and I hope you enjoy them. :) Thank you.


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