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You could easily be swayed by all the buzz around this movie, such as Johnny Depp's portrayal of James 'Whitey' Bulger receiving critical acclaim with many critics applauding it as one of his "best performances to date" or hailing Depp's performance as "fully convincing and frightening", arguing it to be "very welcome at this point in his career and one of his best. Hearing these comments very well would make you run right out to see it as I did when I had the chance. I love a good crime drama for sure even if there are endless supplies to see. This movie is a no holds barred film based on the true life of James 'Whitey' Bulger, a true Boston 'Southie' Native and career criminal. We are introduced to a glimpse of his personal life when he loses his son and later when he loses his mother. Jimmy played by Johnny Depp is the head of the notorious Winter Hill gang that ran the streets in South Boston during the 70's and 80’s that had their hand in anything they could make a buck on. They made sure to push out any rivals in the process with the aid of FBI agent John Connelly played by Joel Edgerton. It's this relationship that seems to open the door for Bulger to run unchecked and he is able to commit many acts of brutality without any reprocussions. Like most criminal kingpins there is always an end at some point and Bulger does meet his after going on the run for almost 12 years when he is finally caught in 2011 and will spend the rest of his life in prison and In the process everyone goes down with one of the stiffest penalties going to the FBI agent Connelly with a 40 year sentence for murder. Most of the other Winter Hill gang inform and get off with light sentences. I admit I liked Johnny Depp’s portrayal in this movie but the movie itself really had no depth and basically kept to the surface of the story. One thing that may seem trivial to most is this unnatural eye color they had Depp in. It just distracted me from the true character. With all the advances in editing and makeup I mean come on can it look more natural? I also found myself constantly thinking of "The Departed", which I’m biased and believe, is one of the best movies ever. "The Departed" was loosely based on Bulger but with no reference to his name or gang. I believe it was superior to this film in the depth and characters. In the end I didn't learn anything new that I didn't already know and Bulger's life through this films eyes is pretty boring for a notorious KingPin. Maybe there was a good story in there I just failed to find it.


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