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It's been 13 years since the popular game Resident Evil got the big screen treatment, and 3 years since the last movie, Resident Evil: Retribution. Fans had all but given up hope for the franchise to get another installment, but shooting has finally begun for [Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter](tag:671270) and yes, it will be the last film in the franchise.

It's no wonder that the last Resident Evil 6 has been postponed twice - Retribution only made $45 million domestically, and a total of $240 million worldwide. (In comparison, Terminator Genisys made $90 million domestically, and was considered a bit of a flop in the USA.) But with the return of fan favourites Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine, can Resident Evil 6 provide an explosive finish for the long running franchise?

What We Know So Far

The information for Resident Evil 6 has been scarce, but there are some key details that help build a picture of what we can expect from the film. As you may remember, the Retribution culminated in Milla Jovovich's Alice joining the resistance in the Whitehouse, as a veritable army of zombie monsters raged outside. Alice promised to join the fight, and that was where the movie ended.

Can Alice defeat Umbrella?
Can Alice defeat Umbrella?

Obviously this sets up The Final Chapter as an epic boss battle between the survivors of the human race and the ever omnipotent Umbrella Corporation. At this point, with most of the world wiped out, we are really left asking whether Alice can ever hope to defeat the Red Queen.

And if she can, what would be left? Countless destroyed cities, industries in ruins, and a few survivors left to pick up the pieces. As exciting as the final battle may be, the ending is bound to be bittersweet at best. But hey, they can always break into Umbrella's clone bank and just repopulate the Earth that way, right? But according to Ali Larter, the film will be just as explosive as we're hoping.

"I can tell you is that the script is amazing. They're really wrapping up the whole series, so that just makes it a little more poignant. To be able to come back and reprise my role as Claire and my relationship with Alice, with Umbrella Corp. -- you know, I'm excited to get back in it. I think the fans are just going to be beyond excited."

So at least Alice won't be alone in her fight

Old Allies & New Friends

As many fans suspected, Ali Larter has recently confirmed that she will be returning as Claire Redfield.

Claire Redfield returns
Claire Redfield returns

Though they have clashed in the past, Claire and Alice have a good relationship, and according to Larter Resident Evil 6 will run with that idea.

"I mean, these are two women, and they're not competing with each other. You know, there are such easy clich├ęs these two could fall into, but this is definitely a female power movie"

The Resident Evil franchise does have a tradition of female-lead stories, and with Jill Valentine and Ada Wong both returning for Resident Evil 6, it looks like The Final Chapter will continue that tradition.

As you may remember, Jill Valentine was introduced in the second film, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and after capture by the Umbrella Corporation she was Retribution's antagonist.

Jill v Alice
Jill v Alice

Now, free from the Red Queen's control, Jill Valentine will be lending her skills to the resistance effort, as well as enhanced powers to rival Alice's own. This is good news for video game fans, as Jill has long been a favoured character of both franchises.

The release date has been debated over, but most reports put it as September 2016. So what do you think: are you excited for the final installment of the franchise, or has Resident Evil outstayed its welcome? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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