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Amidst a particularly messy rift between studios, Guillermo Del Toro's sequel to 2013's Pacific Rim may have suffered as the major casualty of a shake-up between Legendary Pictures, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.

Rumors have been circulating around the project, calling it dead in the water due to disagreements between Legendary Pictures and Universal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal was sorely disappointed with the box office numbers -- or lack thereof -- for their last two projects with Legendary, Blackhat and The Seventh Son. This has led to concerns over the ambitious big screen adaptation of Warcraft and other future projects. Coupled with Legendary CEO Thomas Tull openly taking most of the credit for the success of Jurassic World, drift incompatibility between the two studios has led Legendary to the doorstep of Warner Bros, who are producing their upcoming project [Kong: Skull Island](tag:1139115). Granted, Tull also ate up the success of The Dark Knight when it was released, claiming most of the responsibility for it's success.

Caught up in the mess, Pacific Rim 2 has reportedly been put on the backburner, according to THR:

Legendary wanted to produce a sequel to del Toro's Pacific Rim, which was made under the Warners deal and turned into one of those films that grosses a lot ($411 million worldwide) while being so costly that a follow-up isn't a sure thing. Sources say Legendary liked that the original performed exceptionally well in China, where the company is heavily invested, but for now the project — which had been ramping up to make a release date in August 2017 — has been halted indefinitely and will be pushed back (if it gets made at all).

Before Del Toro's Crimson Peak was even given an R rating, Universal -- claiming that the film cost far too much for that level of rating -- backed out of the project, leaving Legendary to foot the entire bill. With that in mind, Legendary is also likely (and wrongly) backing away from any Del Toro projects.

Fans of giant robots may have been let down today, but with a future of giant mecha fighting tournaments on the horizon, perhaps Legendary will jump back on the bandwagon some day.


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