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Eli Roth, renown director, producer, actor and writer, is known for pushing the bounds of horror. You want gory, bloody action? You go Roth. Roth doesn't play it safe, he makes crazy, disgusting, and gory horror films. In every subsequent film he has directed since Cabin Fever (2002), he has delivered more fear and more savage scenes.

Roth creates tension and suspense in each scene while leaving the audience with a gut-wrenching feeling. A feeling that they would never want to exhibit in first person. Directors augment that sick feeling by fiddling with your perceptions of reality, making you believe that what you see could potentially happen to you. As the audience is able to put themselves into the scene, the emotions become almost too real to suppress. It's almost too real because of the effort Roth puts into his films. He is a master at what he does!

Cabin Fever (2002)

Cabin Fever was the first horror film Roth directed. But did you know Cabin Fever was actually inspired by events that happened to Roth himself? Believe it. While he was in Iceland, he got a "weird scratch" on his neck when he was cleaning a barn. Little did he know, he got a crazy ring-worm infection! The way he describes it, his skin was peel-able, like Fruit-Rollups.

Uhh, pancake. Watch him describe it, it's fantastic.

Hostel & Hostel Part: II (2005 & 2007)

After Cabin Fever, he was offered a lot of studio opportunities but that consisted of a lot of waiting for casting and studio decisions. He knew what he wanted to do next to become a better director, with an idea and a mission he consulted Quentin Tarantino who loved his idea of Hostel. Instantly, he wrote a script in 2.5 weeks, went to Prague, scouted and started production. In a 12-month time span, he was able to launch his movie when normally it would take three to four years for a film to see it through to the big screen. In addition to being on a small budget, Roth knocked it out of the park with this movie.

In the feature series Hostel, Roth takes you into the world of European terror in Slovakia. When the truth bends and things start to take a turn for the worst, the reality of the situation makes you feel for both sides of the horror; the victim and the instigator. This scene is harrowing...

Oh, how convenient cannibalism is just everywhere... If this particular scene from Hostel Part II took you for a spin, you can't even imagine what The Green Inferno holds. Which brings us to his latest release!

The Green Inferno (2015)

After about a year's delay, The Green Inferno will hit the big screen! Given Roth's track record, if it's any indication, we will be in store for unforgettable and terrifying scenes from this film largely inspired by Cannibal Holocaust. As far as cannibals go, it is horrifying to think cannibalism has been around since the 17th Century. For some, it's a cultural norm and even medicinal. Regardless, it's terrifying to be the prey. With a group of student activists trying to , you may or may not want to shut your eyes for what the Amazon has to offer.

Roth was inspired by the jungle movies he watched as a kid. Him and his crew went full-out, going deep in the Peruvian Amazon - further than any crew has been to shoot a film, in fact. They spent weeks in the Amazon with locals that had no connection with the outside world and no idea what a movie was at all. He combined the foreign world of the native tribe to create a dangerous atmosphere of this amazing horror film. All the actors had terrifying and almost deadly experiences to get the shots that made the film spectacular. They all agree it was absolutely worth it, too! Not to mention an encounter with Christian Missionaries from Texas who tried to disturb the shooting when they saw the seemingly Satanic set! A baby was gifted, Lorenza almost actually drowned and Eli Roth prevailed to pull off an awesome film. Check out the casts testimonies below:

I had to opportunity to watch a screening of The Green Inferno at the Arclight in Hollywood. Man, I have to say...Roth has outdone himself with the insane deaths in this one. The tension and build up throughout bled from scene to scene. The Green Inferno traps you in the Amazon along with the activists themselves. You will feel their pain and you will absolutely be scared. You might even walk out of the theater if you can't handle the gore (because some people definitely did). Yet again, the master goes to work and delivers! A must see for all horror fans. Definitely not one for the squeamish; bring a plastic bag if you have doubts.

Here starts the horror! Check out the trailer:

The Green Inferno, directed by Eli Roth, takes a bite out of the box office on September 25, 2015.


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