ByBrett Kohan, writer at
Production Coordinator for TV/Film, Love the things you're watching and the things you've never heard of!

Ah, September…the return of Fall TV and the time to see how the gamble that is Network Pilot Season will pay out. As you can probably tell, the Big 4 Networks (ok fine, CW too) have been slacking in launching new hits- mostly because every drama is so cookie cutter you could probably bake the next episode with your eyes closed. The traditional method of debuting a new show would not be so scrutinized if the formula was working, but new competitors with more creative freedom have broken the barriers and are winning out.

At last, a network show you can get behind and not waste your time when it premieres on September 21st at 10pm: BLINDSPOT. The pilot starts with an empty sweep of Times Square as a beautiful women (Jamie Alexander) emerges from a black bag covered in tattoos and a wiped memory. Tattooed across her back is the name “KURT WELLER” of the FBI (played by Sullivan Stapleton). And so begins the relationship between Jane Doe and Agent Weller as they try to figure out the walking treasure map that ended up in the FBI’s hands. Minute by minute, we uncover the mystery that is Jane Doe- a Chinese speaking sharp shooting martial arts proficient bad ass.

Blindspot provides an action packed, fast-paced, strongly acted episode of television that will be easy to build on in the future. A Prison Break meets The Blacklist, this new show seems too good to fail. Tune in!


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