ByAlex Finn, writer at

Of course Freak Show was the bottom, they could have made it so much more uncomfortable and they didn't. Coven got 3rd for me, I love it so much but it can't be the first 2. Asylum was 2nd, it was great to see the basis of normal people in an extraordinary position like the first season. We got aliens and a demon, which Lily Rabe did amazing with. Murder House was hands down the best season and the more I think on it, it's because they were everyday people who got stuck in a haunted house that played with them. They were the most relatable so their situations were so much more eerie. I have one problem with seasons 2-4....Jessica Lange. Everyone will let her walk on her back but I did not enjoy seeing the same character with a different name for 3 seasons. Struggling power house of a woman with a dark past. Her best role was in Murder House, so I am excited for a break with Hotel. I love Gaga, I am giving her a chance with this show because it has been confirmed there will be no music, hallelujah


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