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Admit it, you have used Google recently. Whether it was today, yesterday, or last week, we all use Google as our go-to destination for nearly every question that the mind can think up. If you can't remember that one familiar actor from the recent movie that you watched, you look up a cast list. If you want to know the capital of Germany (it's Berlin by the way), you type in "capital of Germany" in the search bar.

Google is a very useful resource for learning basically anything, but did you know that there are secrets hiding in the depths of the search engine that are waiting to be discovered?

10.) A Simple Mistake

Sometimes one simple word can screw everything up, and for Google, that one simple word is "tilt". If you type in "tilt" into the search bar, you'll find a fundraising site, a Twitter account, and a Wikipedia page - but more importantly the entire page itself will tilt slightly to the right. Get ready to be driven mad, all of you OCD folks out there!

9.) Reverse Imagery

Sure, we all use words to search for images, but did you know that you can search the other way around? If you go to Google Images and click on the little camera icon in the search bar, it will give you the option to enter an image URL. As you can see from the image above, when I entered the URL for that image of the Joker from The Dark Knight, it automatically labelled it "heath ledger the joker" and gave me a series of web pages to read about him. How handy!

8.) An Anagram Example

For all of you who thought google doesn't have a sense of humor, just type in "anagram" in the Google search bar. It will ask you if you mean " nag a ram", which doesn't make sense until you realize that "nag a ram" is an actual anagram for the word "anagram". They must have an English major working over at Google.

7.) Google Is A Trekkie!

There are a a bunch of different versions of Google that you can find by searching them. You can find a Spanish version, a French version, a German version, and a version for just about every other language. That includes fictional languages. If you type "klingon google" into the search bar, it will link you to a version of Google in the Klingon language from Star Trek.

6.) The Recursion Dilemma

The English major strikes again! As you can see from the above image, recursion means "the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition". So when you type "recursion" into the search bar, Google will ask "Did you mean: recursion". If you click on that link, it'll take you to the exact same page. Recursion anybody?

5.) Break The Bricks!

Seriously, who hasn't played brick breaker at this point? The game has a simplicity and familiarity akin to games like Tetris and Pac-Man. Well if you haven't played brick breaker yet, just go to Google Images and type in the words "atari breakout". The images will line themselves up in a brick breaker fashion and you can try your hand at the classic game.

4.) Fight Those Carbs!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you couldn't decide what to get for dinner? Should you go with the classic hamburger or pick it up with some Mexican cuisine? Well if you type in the two choices into the search bar, my example being "hamburger vs taco", a chart will show up documenting the health comparisons between both foods. For the record, tacos are healthier apparently.

3.) Mmmm... Bacon...

All that food talk got me thinking about bacon, and just in time. Have you ever heard of the Bacon number before? Well neither did I until just recently. The Bacon number is the number of films separating a certain actor or actress from the legendary Kevin Bacon. For instance, one of my personal favorites, the almighty Benedict Cumberbatch, has a Bacon number of two. He and James McAvoy both acted together, and McAvoy acted alongside Kevin Bacon.

2.) Google Invasion!

We've all had those slow Sunday afternoons when we're just sitting on our couch trying to stave off boredom. Well stave no more! Just pull up a simple Google tab and type in "zerg rush" into the search bar, and little red and yellow circles will storm your screen, trying to devour your search results. You can click on them to try and ward them off, but they will eventually prevail, leaving behind a simple GG. Good game indeed.

1.) Do A Barrell Roll!

Do I have any classic gaming fans out there? Well if I do, you doubtlessly have flashbacks to Starfox 64 about now, to Peppy's infamous "barrel roll" command. Well now it's our turn to give the order. If you type in "do a barrel roll" into the search bar, the entire screen will spin, doing exactly what you ordered.

No more are we going to view Google merely as a resource to look up movie times at our favorite theater (you can just use Flixster for that anyways). There are so many applications that you can mess around with on Google, so what are you waiting for. Do some barrel rolls and have fun!



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