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I could never find a straightforward, bold idea about movies. Something that can save me time and lead me to watch movies that worth watching or I know what I get. Sometimes I do not mind watching dull movies, as long as I know that they will be dull!

Here are some most recent movies I have watched along with my recommendation, 1-“Into the Woods”: If you want to know how the fairly tales can come in to your real life, you may enjoy this movie,

2- “Birdman”, a predictable surrealistic cliché with good actors (I think it will win Oscar, between these movies.)

3-“Gone Girl”, a well-structured entertaining movie (I think it should win Oscar so far.)

4- “Boyhood”, a long boring realistic movie (it may win Oscar, not sure why!)

5- “The book of life”, if you like Mexican food and fairly tales, you may like this movie (I do not recommend it.)

6- “I Origins”, an insult to the science.

7-“Foxcatcher”, a long, dark, depressing, boring movie, with good actors.

8-“The Imitation Game”, a dark, depressing historic fact came as an entertaining movie,

9-“The Theory of Everything”, I could not watch it to the end, so can’t comment on that.

10-“Laggies”, an entertaining comedy.

11- “The Hobbit: battle of Five Armies”, Thank whoever is responsible, they ended! (watchable)

12- “Time Lapse”, an entertaining movie, not bad,

13- “Poker Night”, not a good movie,

14- “The Interview”, if you have luck, you really do not need talent! (watchable)

15-“Pride”, interesting report of an historic event (watchable)

16-“Dumb and Dumber to”, watchable!

17-“American Sniper”, if I knew Clint Eastwood has made the movie, I would not have watched it, why? Because I think he is a red-neck, if you think otherwise, you may like the movie.

18-“John Wick”, a good display of actions with no brain, kind of like Keanu Reeves himself,

19- “Cake”, a good movie about grief,

20- “Vice”, I used to think Bruce Willis is a good actor! Not a good movie either!

21-“Inherent Vice”, an intelligent comedy, too intelligent for me, could not watch to the end,

22- “A most violent year”, a descent movie about American dream.

23- “Kill the messenger”, a good movie about a historic event.

24- “What we do in the shadows”, a very interesting documentary (comedy) about Vampires.

25-“Whiplash”, a good movie about the conflict between a young mind and an old style, but I doubt it wins Oscar,

26-“Grand Budapest Hotel”, a good comedy, action, romance movie, among the Oscar candidates, this one deserves to win Oscar!

27-“71”, You need to be alert when you watch this movie, it is a masterpiece, the first scene and last scene are very important, a lot of details were placed in the movie, well-written, directed and played,

28-‘The Drop”, good acting in an average movie,

29-“Buddy Hutchins”, awful movie!

30- “The Timber”, WTF?

31-“John Doe: Vigilante”, watchable.

32-“Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife”, I used to think of myself as an open-minded person, but WTF Hollywood? A comedy out of murder and chopping off human body! What is next? a comedy out of terrorism?

33- “The Rewrite”, a nice comedy.

34-“American Heist”, painful to watch!

35-“Clouds of Sils Maria”, European version of the Birdman, if you liked that, you will like this one too.

36-“Force Majeure”, interesting family movie.

37-“The Dark Valley”, watchable.

38-“Big Driver”, an average movie about revenge.

39-“The Little Death”, a nice romantic movie with Australian accent!

40-”Top Five”, a good comedy.

41-“Wild Card”, very cheesy!

42-“St. Vincent”, a nice comedy!

43-“Song One”, boring!

44-“Interstellar”, a nice sifi movie, in the end you will say ‘Ha!’

45-“Taken 3”, awful movie! WTF!

46-“The Humbling”, I did not have any idea that Hollywood feels so pity about itself (another birdman),

47-“Ida”, an OK movie, did not deserve Oscar!

48-“Wild Tales”, a good movie, deserved Oscar more than ‘Ida’ (for Foreign movies).

49-“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1”, an OK movie,

50-“Fifty Shades of Grey”, if you think this is a good movie, there is something seriously wrong with you!

51- “The Water Diviner”, a good anti-war movie.

52-“Cymbline”, a dude with good knowledge of Shakespeare who smokes a lot of weed, had made this movie!

53-“The Canal”, a semi-thoughtful scary movie!

54- “Focus”, awful!

55- “Cut Bank”, awful!

56-“Faults”, weird movie, you may like it!

57-“Black Sea”, you remember those three thieves who turned against each other and killed each other in the end, the same theme with unnecessary much more complex setting!

58-“Paddington”, a good family movie.

59-“Furiuos Seven”, this is the second movie I watched from these series, it seems the director is a gang member who likes butts!

60-“Run All Night”, what is wrong with Liam Nesson, he should badly need money to act in these cheesy movies!

61-“Just Before I go”, a funny family movie.

62-“Maggie”, I think Hollywood has run out of ideas, awful!

63-“Barely Lethal”, another awful movie!

64-“It Follows”, a semi thoughtful scary movie!

65-“Kingsmen: The Secret Service”, entertaining, no depth.

66-“Get Hard”, cheap comedy with happy ending.

67-“Parrallels”, I assume it has a second part, otherwise the person who made it, thinks adding confusion is the goal of making movies!

68-“The DUFF”, funny comedy.

69-“Tracers”, a cheap action movie!

70-“Jupiter Ascending”, a cheesy Sci-fi.

71-“Cindrella”, not a bad family movie.

72-“Mortdecai”, Awful!

73-“The Wedding ringer”, a very average comedy!

74-“Lost River”, how far are you willing to go for your land? When are you going to immigrate, move on? This movie tries to answer to this in a weird way!

75-“The Voices”, an average movie about a crazy person by Marjan Strapi!

76-“Hot Tub: Time Machine 2”, a rated R average comedy.

77-“The Dead Lands”, Civilizations formed when people learnt to trust each other, I liked it even with subtitles, but you may not!

78-“Welcome to me”, an interesting movie about a border-line character.

79-“Blackhat”, the guy who made this, did not have any clue how a computer nerd looks like, very cheesy movie with a lot of unnecessary complexity.

80-“Hacker’s game”, A good director with a non-coherent screenplay and cheap players.

81-“Song of the Sea”, a good family movie.

82-“Ex Machina”, If you think to know the hidden part of human character we need car crashes, explosions and a lot of actors; watch this movie which successfully dissect human character with two human characters and one AI!


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