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Eli Roth has certainly become a dominant presence in the horror community with his signature filming style and knack for conjuring up utterly shocking visuals. Though Roth has constantly caused a stir in the realm of horror cinema, his latest feat, The Green Inferno, truly reaches epic new heights of terror while putting the "NO!" in Green Inferno. Watching the film through the slats of my fingers at the ever vibrant Arclight Hollywood, I was thrilled to know that Roth himself was in attendance and no doubt secretly hoping for a squirming audience.

After an amazing night of thrills and debauchery, I could easily understand why he has garnered such a faithful following. Scream queens and scaredy-cats alike can undoubtedly appreciate the film guru for the following reasons:

7. He is a man of many talents

Many recognize Roth as the director of fan-favorite horror films like Cabin Fever and Hostel, but why stop there? This man is a Jack of all trades, he's experimented and succeeded in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. From writing the scripts to editing, sound, and music - he's even dabbled in animation. While he's established a name for himself behind the camera, let's take a moment to cherish his onscreen moments and remember the blazing awesomeness that was the "Bear Jew" in Inglorious Basterds.

6. He pushes the limits of gore

Roth has officially perfected the art of carnage. With violent video games and slasher flicks a plenty, younger audiences are gradually becoming more and more desensitized to bloodshed; making it surprisingly challenging to leave viewers feeling disturbed. However, Roth manages to take his work to the next level time after time. Whether this talent is deemed fascinating or disturbing, let it be known that this master of gore is in fact terribly squeamish around real blood. You sweet, ironic man.

5. He is an eloquent and passionate speaker

Roth has been known to completely win over crowds with his charm. He even spontaneously sang his acceptance speech at the 2011 Ischia Film and Music Festival, inducing an uproarious, fun-filled response from the audience. So don't let his frivolous nature fool you. The man is extremely well-spoken and conveys genuine love and thankfulness for what he does.

4. He has a knock-out sense of humor

Though his films are flooded with gruesome imagery, we can always count on Roth to provide a healthy dosage of humor and wit, faithfully allowing viewers a breath of fresh air from the queasiness that coincides with a Roth film experience. Plus, he has a legitimate love for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen films. Any man who can deeply enjoy both Cannibal Holocaust and Passport to Paris must have a deliciously amusing point of view.

3. He goes to great lengths to do what he loves

While filming Roth's most recent project, The Green Inferno, the cast and crew went to great lengths to capture their story in the perfect location. While delving into the heart of the Amazon, the process was anything but cushy. Requiring Yellow Fever vaccinations and countless hours in dangerous tropical conditions. If their filming endeavors weren't already enough, Roth and his creative team fought for years to find a studio brave enough to pick up the cannibalistic tale; never giving up the hope that their project would one day find a home. They believed in this movie so much that they passionately pushed for it to happen in all ways.

2. He hasn't fallen into the Hollywood trap

In a business that can often lead to greed and corruption, Roth has always stuck by his ideals. The writer-director continues to stray from big budget marketing ploys and lets his work speak for itself. Not to mention, he allows for smaller name actors to shine in a world of A-list celebrities. He even refuses to enter the tempting and lucrative process of franchising his films because he doesn't believe features should have more than two installments. How can you not respect that?

1. He adores his fans

Roth has never been one to ignore the importance of fans, the film artist striving to connect with his supporters through all mediums. Not only does Roth use his strong Internet presence to interact with followers, but he regularly participates in fan heavy events and signings with a truly gracious and enthusiastic attitude.

His appreciation continues as he makes his way across the US to showcase The Green Inferno on an exclusive fan tour. If you've ever dreamed of meeting the terrifying mastermind, now is your chance. I'm sure he'd be just as happy to meet you, in fact!

Whether his work strikes your fancy or your gag reflex, Eli Roth deserves your applause. The Green Inferno is a truly awesome film and trust me it's 100% worth it.


Will you be stomaching the terror of The Green Inferno upon its release?


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