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Hear me world, I am a rebel! At the young age of maybe 4 or 5, I committed a crime so horrible, so terrible, so absolutely rebellious that even Katniss and her army have shunned me!

That's right, I...disobeyed my parents!

Yes! I, Adonis 'Middle Name' Gonzalez, am guilty of hearing the words of my maternal figures and casting them aside! They ordered me to heed their words, and I did the opposite of that!

What could possibly drive me to commit such a heinous act? Why would I dare risk total and utter damnation at the hands of furious parents? To put it simply, I saw a really cool show on TV that all of my friends were watching...

This show, this amazing show that I do NOT regret watching in the slightest - except for maybe the nightmares it gave me - is called Courage: The Cowardly Dog.

This enjoyable little horror-comedy centered on Courage, a dog who lives with an old married couple in the middle of a place called Nowhere. Courage and his odd owners are always getting into trouble, mostly of the supernatural kind.

For a kids show, it did its best to feature dark and surreal humor, as well as frightening characters and settings. And when I say frightening, I mean FRIGHTENING! The show featured a plethora of creepy characters that freaked Courage and the audience out alike.

There was Katz, an anthropomorphic red cat who was a regular H. H. Holmes, torturing and killing his customers after convincing to them to buy what ever crazy thing he was selling. Then there was Dr. Gerbil, a crazed gerbil who after being experimented on, became a mad scientist to enact revenge on all humans!

And those aren't even the scariest characters. The scariest character by far - at least to me - was King Ramses, the ghost of a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt who came back to life after two grave robbers stole a magic slab from his tomb. As if his description didn't sound creepy enough, his appearance was enough to make the titular character from The Mummy run away!

Have a nice night kids!
Have a nice night kids!

I mean really, who in their right mind decided that this was a kids show?! But as crazy and creepy as the show was, it wasn't the scariness that caused my parents to ban it from our television. While they did fear that I would get nightmares from it, the main reason I wasn't allowed to watch Courage was because my mom hated Eustace Bagg.

Eustace was the mean old husband to Muriel Bagg, and one of Courage's owners. He was rude, nasty and every other negative word in the book. In almost every single episode (actually, probably in EVERY single episode), Eustace would constantly shout insults at Courage; his favorite being "You stupid dog!"

He loved using this phrase to insult his dog. It was in the show's opening after all! I wanted to tell my mom that Eustace's constant verbal abuse of Courage was his strange and twisted way of hiding the fact that he actually genuinely cared for the dog, but I was like 5 years old and I didn't really have that opinion at the time. So instead, I let out a long "But moooom" and accepted defeat. Well, almost at least.

One night, I decided that I had had enough of turning the channel whenever the show came on, and kept it on Cartoon Network. I locked the door and turned the television all the way down, I was a rebel sure, but I was a cautious one. I put the subtitles on so that I could at least read what they were saying, and prepared to watch the "taboo" that was Courage: The Cowardly Dog! Eventually, I got older, and started being less careful about how and when I watched it. My mom even saw me straight up watching it, volume up and all, and didn't say anything. It was at that point that I knew I was in the clear! Well..except for all the terrible, terrible nightmares the show sometimes gave me. But twas a small price to pay.

So that was Day 3 of the 5 Day TV Challenge! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed hearing about my rebel past!


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