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Supernatural Season 11 will go pre-biblical as the Winchester brothers-Sam & Dean face off against an enemy only known simply as...the Darkness. An ancient, celestial force that existed before God came into being. It was the catalyst for the first great war in creation as Jehovah along with his army of angels fought to defeat the Darkness-arguably the first evil presence in existence.

Through a powerful spell known to us as "Mark of Cain", God imprisoned the Darkness for eternity as explained by DEATH in this scene.

The Darkness is the source of all evil, powerful enough to contaminate the first guardian of the Mark of Cain-Lucifer. The Devil was no match for the burden brought on by the Darkness and was tempted to "rebel".

So, with all of that said-how will the brothers face a foe that existed before God came into being? Rumors and speculation are running rampant on what or who will help the brothers face this evil-and the one being left to enter the drama is....God himself.

In an interview for EW-Jared Padalecki talks about the possibility of God making an appearance in Season 11. Click here for the article.

“I think [the Darkness] certainly opens the door for Lucifer and/or God to pop up, we’re certainly going back to that and going a bit more biblical and having our take on the writings that didn’t make it into the Bible. Since we know God’s a scribe, we may have to invite him along for the ride.”


There is a strong assumption that CHUCK-played by Rob Benedict may have been God himself on Earth, guiding the Winchesters in their battle against his renegade son-Lucifer. In the final moments after Sam fell into the Devils cage-there was scene in which Chuck narrates and suddenly...well click on the video.

Of course, this can be thrown in all sorts of ways out there. Was Chuck Jehovah or was he really Jesus Christ? I mean-he looked more like Jesus with the beard. Chuck popped up again last season at the end of the Supernatural musical-proving that his character will stick around...but as whom?

Now, nothing is for certain that we may see God revealed in Season 11-but because this enemy -this "Darkness" is so omnipotent that it took the whole celestial host to defeat it-I don't see a solution that doesn't include God in the equation. Of course we can't ignore the fact that God did not defeat this enemy alone. There is a strong possibility that he may release his two caged sons Michael and Lucifer to join him in the fight against his first enemy.

Although we only saw a glimpse of Michael-we did see plenty of Lucifer and what he is capable of.

Mark Pellegrino made recent mention about his possible "return" to the Supernatural universe to combat the Darkness.

It makes sense that God would call upon his sons to fight alongside the Winchesters against the Darkness. Heck, he may even call upon Metatron himself to fight-but now the question beckons; how will the Darkness be portrayed?

The Mentalist's Emily Swallow was recently cast as a 'Sinister' and 'Seductive' Femme Fatale according to TV Line and other sources. Click here for article.

Now if this rumor is true-it would make sense that the Darkness is portrayed by a seductress since the evil represented by this celestial foe apparently is the source of temptation itself. It snared God's greatest warrior to rebel against him-and that is no small matter.

Crowley, his demented mother Rowena, & Castiel are also back for the ride that should prove to be the most interesting of all the Supernatural seasons. The Winchesters are going to toss biblical lore out the window as the tales of what happened before God created man takes center stage. Question is...will the Lord be the narrator?


What are you looking forward to in Season 11?


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