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... improved vopy paste of farcry 3 but I absolutely loved bolth games, so many different things to do and experience, multiple ways to play the game and so many wonderful interactions and moments thanks to hunting and the animals in general. Also FC4 and espescialy 3 were two of (imo) best written and most enjoyable stories with antagonists that were amazing, protagonists that were believable/more realistic and some of my top favorite characters in games. "Have I told you the definition of insanity" Vaas was an epic antagonist to be sure. So a lot of people may say they need to totally change it, but I respectfully disagree to an extent. Far Cry offers a unique gaming experience that you just can't get anywhere else, so I believe future far cry games should offer that same experience. For example, keep the war torn large beautiful maps, the animals/hunting, the amazingly fun gameplay/interactiveness with the world, and the amazing story line with more delightfully unique and detailed antagonists. Now obviously vampires would be a total failure, survival in Alaska sounds fun but limited but would be a good dlc, a futuristic planet is interesting but should be a city space and combining that with a ope world fps could fall apart, Vietnam would be an awesome twist and if done especially dark could really be a hit (I'll be sad to sad good by to the wing suit lol). An old western would be awesome but due to lack of technology there won't be as many awesome explosive fire fights and interactions with the world. A zombie game at Far Cry level would be epic, especially with having to defend your fort against zombie attacks like at night in valley of the yetis, but zombies have been done a lot. Blood dragon 2 would be a good dlc but it'd be too much for a whole game. Mad max apocalypse could really be awesome, with an added emphasis on vehicle/weapon customization! Shangri-La was fun but a whole game?...No, dlc yes. Obviously cocaine wars in Peru is the most like 3 and 4 but with even more of darker/cruel nature added to the game it would do very well and could be different but keep that same type of experience. Modern day Jurrassic Park, need I say more?? Obviously that idea is not only epic but focused around the interactions with the dinosaurs in the open world environment. The story may be tricky to pull off as well as the awesome antagonist but if done correctly it would be epic! No one else,besides Ark offers dinosaurs and as Jurassic World (the number one performing movie of all time breaking all other records) shows there is a huge interest in dinosaurs to come back. In Conclusion, imo dinosaurs, peru, Vietnam, zombies, and mad max apocalypse definite great ideas with western and futuristic city in the maybe, Shanghai-La/survival/blood dragon 2 in dlc area and vampires in no just no!

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