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Continuing my quest to conquer the 5 day gaming challenge, today's topic is the longest binge I've ever had on one game. You can probably already tell from the cover photo, and the caption, and my use of such words as "realm" and "conquer" that this game is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! While I'll admit that I haven't played this game since 2013, I used to spend almost all of my time on it two years ago! I couldn't get enough. I mean, this game has everything from dragons, to werewolves, to rambling guards and "Jarls," to magical dragon shouts! Did I mention it has dragons? It has dragons! The giant lizard creatures that fly and breathe fire, and with graphics this good they could very well be your worst nightmare! And the fun is far from over when you beat the incredible story line! You have missions with the werewolf people, you get to become an assassin, you have missions where you can fight the demonic Daedras (only a couple of these though), you can search for new shouts for the Greybeards, you can choose a side in the war (either Imperials or Stormcloaks, but if you choose Imperials then I've lost all respect for you as a person), you can join the Thieve's Guild and become a professional thief, there's literally endless possibilities! This is really the mother of all free roam games! You haven't lived until you've played this Medieval masterpiece, and I might have spent too much time in this world! I've once spent an entire 12 hour day playing this game, and I didn't realize that I had gone on for so long until I went to heat up a Hot Pocket in the microwave and saw the time! But to be honest, I've spent most of that 12 hour day trying to get the guards to say, "I was an adventurer like you once, until I took an arrow to the knee." and fighting dragons with no clothes or weapons on me, relying on my fists. Yeah, I spent like 2 hours trying to fight a dragon with my bare hands, I have ADD and I'm oddly committed to whatever distracts me. This time it was the fact that I could survive so long while fighting a dragon with my bare hands. Also in this 12 hours if I recall correctly, was me purposely getting arrested so I could see what it would be like to turn into a werewolf in the jail cell (10/10 would recommend), waiting for Ulfric Stormcloak to get off of his Jarl chair so I could set a sweet role there and chant "All hail Jarl Sweet Role!" just because I could, trying to kill everyone in Whiterun, including the kids (I know now that they're invincible for some reason), breaking into places and stealing stuff (Paul Rudd style, except I stole stuff I don't need like aprons and frying pans), shouting Fus Ro Dah at the Greybeards, while in real life shouting "Fight me bro!", and listening to one of the Khajiit salesmen for at least an hour so I could mock them. Did I have fun? Yes. Would anyone watching me play Skyrim be entertained? If you like the game, then no. But if you like jokes and very random outbursts, then yes! I'm a fun person, I swear, I'm just so easily distracted. But that concludes my third day of the gaming challenge! Sorry for this very long, unbroken paragraph, here's something for your troubles. May Talos guide you, shield brother.

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