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With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) coming remarkably fast, I grow very worried. Not only do I believe that the MCU's rendition of Civil War is sloppy and rushed, I believe that it was a wasted opportunity. Civil War is a very intricate story and without the necessary characters the story becomes a lot weaker. Here is why Captain America: Civil War is going to blow... BIG TIME.

#1: The Teams

Recently Marvel released images show cap's team:

And Iron Man's team:

Now yes these are some of the only images released for Civil War at the moment but they still elude to some big problems.

First the teams are so small! One of the things that made Civil War great was its enormous scale. The disaster ultimately led to another and the amount of characters was outstanding. The MCU's is going to be strongly limited to the amount of characters and the disaster of Age of Ultron was not very large scale in comparison to Civil War. Of Course this all lead to the inevitable Registration Acts.

#2: The Registration Acts

What are we even fighting over?!?! Captain America Civil War has no conflict. Sure we saw them argue of what was morally correct in Age of Ultron but nothing has politically arisen just yet. While one could argue the conflict will be over Spidey we dont know for sure how it will go.

#3: Spidey

The best reason of them all, Spider man. How do you just "borrow" the rights to a character, Completely change his whole attitude and persona, and expect everyone to know who this guy is. Yes we've seen multiple spidey origins but whose to say Marvel wont change it. Haven't they changed a lot to begin with.Spider-Man is a very important character to develop especially in another characters franchise and no origin story. Also to add to the fact that who knows what this kid is even going to look like. There have been multiple rumors of costumes changing and all sorts of new looks. DANGIT! JUST GET ME PICTURES OF A GOOD LOOKING SPIDERMAN. These long weeks with out a picture of spider man are slowly killing me, I'm practically turning into J. Jonah myself.

Any who, What do you think about Captain America: Civil War? Like, dislike, let me know in the polls. Hope to see geeks around on May 6, 2016.


Is CIVIL WAR headed in a good direction?


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