ByKenny Hensley, writer at
See, here's what kills me about this DC movie thing...Too many people all at once, or in EXTREMELY recent history, playing the same characters, AND EVERYONE IS OKAY WITH IT? Smallville wasn't even cold, and they start looking at guys for the role of Superman for a film version. Tom Welling? "Sorry, Hoss. You were good enough for the 18-29 demographic on TV, but we're going in a different direction for the movie. Turn in your new cape on the way out." Flash? Nope. Already cast someone else for the movie version. "Dude...MULTIVERSE!" I hear you all saying. Hell, DC hasn't mastered ONE universe onscreen. What the hell makes anyone think they can handle multiple universes?!? "origin" have to get it right the first time before you go changing it up for purely artistic reasons (Hollering your way again, Josh Trank!). Point being: You've got a perfectly good Supergirl, whose show hasn't even premiered, and you're ALREADY underutilizing her, DC! If they're good enough to cast the first time, maybe keep 'em around awhile! Perhaps Kevin Feige could be brought on as a consultant?

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