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WHOVIAN! I feel it's appropriate to start off with the claim of our fandom seeing as you did click on this article. Well tonight is the last showing of the Doctor Who 3D Experience in theaters...insert sad face here, but it isn't the end of The Doctor. As you jump for joy, I'll tell you about my experience .

First, I definitely didn't expect the turn out. As a whovian who raves about it on my Facebook at least once a week, I can stand firm in saying my FB friends only include 6 fellow Whovians and only 2 are local. Of course I don't assume that's all the whovians in the land but I just figured it was a small statistical representation of the area. I was wrong.

I bought my tickets earlier in the day just in case there was a line and still arrived an hour early to get good seats. Smart move on my part considering about 50 other people had the same idea. I was estactic! I had no problem walking up to a group of friends since I was rolling solo and I already knew we had something in common. To further enhance this new found connection, I asked the most important question "Whose your favorite Doctor?".

After 8 minutes of gushing about our favorites I learned these were True Fans of Doctor Who, not of Eccleston, Tennant or Smith as the doctor but of the series as a whole. The fact that they were there to watch Capaldi should've been a give away.

After excited conversations, it was time for the movie to begin and it was worth it. Watching it in a theatre full of whovians rather than alone on your living room couch definitely adds heart to the experience. The prequel of series nine leaves so much to the imagination and yet more curiousity than anything but then again it wouldn't be Doctor Who if it didn't leave you questioning a thousand possibilities.

Did you get to watch Doctor Who episodes Dark Water and Death in Heaven in 3D? Did you enjoy it? How did the prequel make you feel? Let me know in the comments below!


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