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Last night, thanks to Moviepilot, I got to experience an incredible story at an early screening for the film, Everest. It is based on the true story of the 1996 expedition to conquer the highest point on Earth that we know as Mount Everest.

For those of you who want to know more of what this film is about, take a look at the trailer below.

Director Baltasar Kormakur takes you on a truly beautiful journey with this one. The movie was amazing for so many reasons, starting with:

The Suspenseful Ride:

I really only have one word for this movie and that word is "wow". This film was a roller coaster all the way through. I literally had knots in my stomach from the amount of suspense that they managed to jam into this amazing story. These brave climbers faced many struggles, but the biggest was facing one of the fiercest blizzards ever encountered by man with nearly no warning.

There is also an emotional turn as they break down all the family ties that this story has. You get emotionally attached to these characters very early on in the film, which adds another layer of suspense. The emotions definitely go home with you.

The Intense Performances:

This is definitely an all-star cast with talent such as Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, and many more. Due to it being a big ensemble cast, each actor has a fairly short amount of screen time to give it their all. Trust me, though, every person in this film brings it and gives some incredible performances. Jake Gyllenhaal has just a small role in the movie, but he, in particular, has a memorable part as Scott Fischer. He is the comedic relief in the film, which is definitely needed for such a dark story. Jason Clarke is lead character Rob Hall, husband to Keira Knightley's Jan Arnold. For the small amount of time that these two have to play off of each other, they bring it, stirring emotions that will make you want to hug your loved ones extra tight.

The Overall Outlook:

Overall, this film is an emotionally beautiful, thrilling ride all the way through. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in an inspiring true story. I definitely recommend seeing this in IMAX 3D for the incredible sound and picture.

You can experience this thrilling ride in Real D 3D and IMAX 3D on Friday, September 18th.


Will you be taking a trip to see Everest?


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