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The rage is real!

Hmmmm. Where do I start? I've been gaming for around thirty years now. I was just a little kid when I started playing on the old Spectrum my mother used to play on. I received a Commodore 64 for my 6th birthday, and got hooked!

I remember this little machine fondly, but I could've killed it most days!

Soooo many games had me frustrated, especially at that age, but not for the reasons you'd probably think. Back then, game systems weren't quite as reliable as they are now, and many c64 players will tell you horror stories of the tape running out, whilst loading the next level that you've never reached before. That click.... It was MADDENING!!! Cartridges came to the c64, but weren't anywhere near as cheap as the tape based games. Literally costing ten-times the price, it was quite off-putting. So yes, lots of rage there, but that's not the worst kind!

I hated whenever this map popped up.

A lot of gamers can look at the above image, and they'll understand the type of rage we're talking about here. 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare' brought the frustration to a whole new level! RAGE-QUIT! Nothing was as frustrating as getting an amazing kill-streak, only to get hit with friendly-fire. Or, to have almost the entire enemy team just quit through their low scores. Even worse.....lag-switches and bad connections. Seeing an enemy in front of you, you spammed B to go prone, you almost instinctively pull the trigger with your sites set tight over your targets head......only for the hits to not count, and you get killed instantly by a noob-toob (under barrel grenade launcher). AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that really sucked!

But, that's not the most rage inducing game I ever played (and loved and worshipped and played far too much).......


Beauty, elegance, horror, action...........and hair-pulling, nail-biting, controller-throwing, console-breaking RAGE!!!!

Oh, this game owned me so much! Reminiscent of Castlevania, of NES fame, Bloodborne had no qualm with punishing you for any kind of mistake. And that punishment.....being sent back to re-try hours of work again and again, until you stopped making the mistakes. It mocked you at every turn. You'd learn areas or enemy would just up the game, changing the types of enemies in the area, or even giving old enemies new attacks! Then, there's the bosses. Oh dear, I think they actually programmed the A.I. to actually hate the player, and their controller! Wow!

But I love it for the rage it gives. There's an elegance to it, rarely seen with games nowadays. It is much like an old platformer with its gameplay. Pushing you to go back-and-forward over and over. Collecting 'blood echoes' ( the games currency) and exploring and grinding......and dying.

Oh so much dying. Lol Bloodborne is my gaming rage enducer.

Its awesome fun!

I saw this screen soooooo many times!


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