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The Kansas City professional soccer team of MLS(Major League Soccer), Sporting Kansas City, has a reputation of coming back in winning amazing soccer matches, yet they haven't won a single match since the 4-3 win over Vancouver Whitecaps(Paulo Nakamarra's game winning header past the blonde-headed, Whitecaps' goalkeeper, Ousted).

Sporting has been lacking a few futbol elements that are key to successfully winning a soccer game. With Dom Dwyer playing forward, he's been slightly slacking on the goal scoring for SKC. Yet, Nemeth(#9) and Feilhaber(#10), have been racking up the goals and assists for SKC's club. Nemeth scoring 9 goals and 6 assists(1 from the 3-1 loss against Orlando City SC) and Feilhaber with 2 goals and 5 assists.

Now let's look at the players that I feel that are unappreciated in the soccer world—defenders. We all know that some of best defenders in the world are Gerard Piqué from Barcelona and Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid, and many others, but, let's discuss about Sporting's Defenders. Matt Besler(#5), Captain of Sporting KC and USMNT(United States Men National Team)'s Defender, has a rocket of an arm; we all see him taking throw ins, and rocketing the ball like the ball is being played in as a corner. Besler was been playing like a true professional, slide tackling and saving stressful situations for Tim Melia, and there's nothing else to say about his performance, truly amazing!

Now as we get farther back in the defense, we get to the keeper! And no, I'm not talking about your bae or babe, I'm talking about the goalkeeper, Tim Melia! Melia's outstanding performance in the Colorado Rapids match was a shutout; but, more recently, his shutout—with 7 saves—against the Portland Timbers! Seven amazing saves has earned Tim Melia a nomination for Save of The Week.

With Melia's injury—quad strain—the starter had to actually sit out from being in the starting 11. Hearing this news probably made you very worried due to him not starting in the Orlando vs. Sporting KC game. I admit Tim Melia is my favorite Sporting player, I don't know about you, but I was very worried not seeing him in the starting 11.

Melia is not the only goalkeeper Sporting has in their sleeve of magic! If you unroll their sleeve, you'll see the substitute goalkeeper, Jon Kempin. Kempin made his first start in a long time during the Orlando City SC match. Let's all admit that he had SOME good saves—which brings me to his great high diving save, which got him nominated to the Save of The Week. But, Jon Kempin struggled to get his hand on a few balls as they crossed infront of him, which probably made quite a bit of you Sporting fans cringe.

Injury Report:

OUT: D Ike Opara (ruptured Achilles tendon 4/11, out 4-6 months)

BACK IN: M Roger Espinoza (sesamoid fracture in left foot 8/6, out 10 weeks)

OUT: M Amobi Okugo (knee sprain, DNP 9/13)

OUT: D Chance Myers (hamstring injury, DNP 9/13)


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