ByVecelina Michaela Minkovski, writer at

Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp and well... he will always be, Johnny Depp. Who gives a rats ass that he has become his rounder self.

Truly what people should be focused on is them damn selves. Oh but our gods and goddesses of sheer vanity doth procure an imminent ending to the facade of the celebrity.

Oh what will we do now!? The world is ending!! Actually, it is in utter denial of itself... Our American understanding is without a doubt, the worst. If only we'd stop and take a breath.

Some scientists believe that our civilization will not make it beyond 100 years. Yeah, the melting of the Arctic glaciers. Now that's some worthy news to discuss.

We are a sick reality unaware of our very simple reason for being here. We cross paths with so many in this lifetime yet we connect with barely none, least ourselves (who we believe we have entirely figured out.)

One day it will be the end of everything and there will be no history of anything because it will have been destroyed by greed and ignorance.

So keep tweeting about how so and so isn't making you cream anymore....What you really ought to be tweeting is the tellings of your inner voice whom you have not had the courage to hear, in ages. The small voice screaming inside is humanities last chance. There is no app for that.


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