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The Batman vs Superman trailers have revealed some pretty interesting things that have been the result of much speculation and theories. One of the more interesting things that appear to be are soldiers that have Superman patches on them. Loads of theories have said that it a dream sequence where Superman has gone rogue and has his own regime, some type of religious cult or Lex funded soldiers to make Superman look bad. But i have another theory that actually very different and could end up making alot of sense. Let's get started.

Superman Cult Soldiers/Police Force.

The Superman soldiers seen in the trailers are actually just a fanatic cult that worships Superman as some type of messiah like figure. They're not part of a Superman regime or funded by Lex but purely just fanatics. The reason why they appear as soldiers is because they dress up like some type of police force that wants to rid the world of evil just like Superman goal is. But the way they're doing it gets the attention of Superman and also a certain caped crusader as well. The area where they're located at is some type of jail or base where they hold criminals act to execute for they'r wrong doing. The Superman soldiers are not for peace and humanity and actually have no problem killing people that are bad and have done evil in the past. More than likely they were inspired to kill because from what they possibly heard what happened between Superman and Zod and what Superman had to do. The Superman soldiers are foreign and have there based located in another country. They get the attention of Superman from the acts they've committed..

And of course when Superman arrives they bow down to him and explaining the look on his face as he looks uncomfortable with the whole situation. Which brings up to Batman role in this scene.

Batman's role.

Batman hears about this Superman task force and has his suspicions and travels to see what it all about. It would explain why Batman has different gear because he obviosuly trying to snake in the base undetected. When he has a clear vantage point on the base he sees the likes of Superman and the soldiers and knowing Batman, he automatically assumes this is all Superman doing and is getting ready to take over humanity by force. But then something happens...

An incident happens and it leads to a shootout. The Superman soldiers are being seen cutting down innocent bystanders and obviously have no real intention of being peaceful and serve justice by lethal force. This whole incident causes Batman to take action, which would explain the whole Batman vs Superman soldiers scene.

This whole thing causes an international incident which causes the whole world to think of Superman even more negatively and adding tension that the "alien" is doing more harm than good and should leave Earth. Which could also explain the whole vandalizing the statue thing scene in the teaser trailer..

Batman vs Superman's International incident.

The whole desert thing sparks an international incident that causes Superman to go to Congress and answer for what had happen, which causes the tension between Superman and the entire world. Which ultimately leads to Batman taking on his crusade against Superman. And I know all you are saying that actually Superman is going to Congress to answer for what happened in Metropolis but it already been said that Batman vs Superman takes place about two years after Man of Steel. The whole Metropolis thing is going to play a large part but I think my (hopefully right) theory is what really adds fuel to the fire. We'll just have to see how thing unfold in this largely anticipated movie. Oh! And please don't say i'm spoiling as this is just purely speculation. Who knows how that desert sequence we saw in the trailer will play out. But i am willing to bet it gonna play a big part in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870).

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