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Every gamer needs to experience at least one good binge. I don't mean playing games on end just because, but to have a solid game you genuinely can't put down. I've had many, and it was worth it every time.

#5. Twisted Metal Black (PS2)

This was one of my first real binges. In Junior High I was introduced to Twisted Metal Black. My friend and I had just finished watching Mimic 2 and we then started up the game. I was enamored, because the lost console I'd purchased before then was a Gameboy. Not only was I excited to see a newer console in action, but I also wanted to keep discovering more of the narrative - and each character had one. As a result I spent all that night unlocking every car and beating the game with every character - using cheat codes later on so I could see all of the game before we had to return the rental.

I've owned the same copy since I got my own PS2 and have played it through 3 times....with each of the 12 characters.

Playing a killer clown can cure your fear of clowns
Playing a killer clown can cure your fear of clowns

4.) Taz Mania (Gameboy)

I was in middle school, got this game when my grandparents were in town babysitting us, and I stayed up all night on a school night to beat it. The game lasted me into the morning and I got plenty scolded. Still, it was worth it to me at the time.

Yep.  I stayed up all night playing this.
Yep. I stayed up all night playing this.

3.) Resistance (PS3)

I really did like the game, but played it for something to keep me up all night when I had to. I was going to have a medical test done on me the next morning, which required me to be up a full 24 hours before attending. Resistance filled every bit of that time and the test was negative. It was a great distraction for an otherwise unpleasant full day.

Wanna guess if he lives?
Wanna guess if he lives?

2.) Fallout 3 (PS3)

My sister's husband, who was her fiance at that time, lent me this thinking I'd find it fun. The best part of it was going into the abandoned store near Megaton and getting through a battle I wasn't prepared for. I enjoyed exploring everything for over 60 hours, but then my PS3 hard drive had to be reformatted and I learned I really need to back up all my saves online. Seriously, I had tons of saves on there. At least trophies can't be lost.

I was at this exact spot when I played last.
I was at this exact spot when I played last.

1.) Rainbow Moon (PS3)

While staying at a friend's house in Minneapolis while I was about to move to California, I downloaded this on a whim pretty soon after it came out. Other than Pokemon, I hadn't spent much time with RPG's. I wasn't very into turn-based combat, but this put a fresh spin on it, making the turns in the game feel more like chess. Roaming around was very liberal, as enemies wouldn't randomly jump you, like in the first Final Fantasy, but you had to have made contact with them. There is some level grinding, but the strategy elements in the combat keep it flowing.

I spent roughly 116 hours on this game before the Great PS3 Crash that also took my Fallout 3 data happened.

Oh how I wish I still had that save file....
Oh how I wish I still had that save file....

If your binges have been longer and grander than mine, good. We all need to appreciate those games we're willing to sink so much time into, being entertained all the while. I look forward to my future binges and I encourage you to spend the time to really get engrossed in a game you'll always remember vividly.


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