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Shannon McShortall

Hey all! I haven't written in a while, but something popped up in my news feed this morning that made me furious, and since it relates to the series Arrow I thought it'd fit on this site.

So basically, in Texas a little while ago, a boy by the name of Ahmed Mohamed was accused of bringing a bomb to school and arrested. This was in fact a homemade clock, and the mistake was considered a stereotype on the school's part. This made the news and a campaign to fight stereotyping arose under the hashtag . Alongside this campaign came a slew of stereotypes suggesting that racial stereotyping is typical of a place like Texas, and Texas was a place full of "hicks." Of course, the hypocrisy in these responses is blatantly obvious.

In retort to these responses, Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen on Arrow, and an avid user of social media (using it to assist various charities and interact with his fans in a very personal way) tweeted:

With this tweet came a barrage of attacks on Amell, a lot of which furthered his point by assuming that, because he's white, it's typical of him not to care. He was even harassed to the point that he left social media. People assumed his tweet was racist and called him ignorant in an almost completely negative wave of responses. Meanwhile, the responses on his Facebook page are all positive, wanting him to come back. So is the hate on Twitter coming from people who do't know how involved he is with charity? Is this why they're attacking him based on the IDEA that he MIGHT be racist? I know for a fact that a few have decided to boycott Arrow and refuse to be in any way involved with Stephen Amell. Not only is Stephen Amell being heavily affected, but the show he cares so much about is being affected as well. For what it's worth, I stand with Amell, and anyone who is against him, equality and the right to speak an opinion, I only have one thing to say to you:


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