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Let me begin by stating that I know WHY directors cuts exist in the film industry. Studios want the film cut a certain length and time. Producers also usually want something of their own merit in the film. These things can and will act as a blockade to the directors vision. So, yes, there are reasons for directors cuts. However, I do not believe nor expect every director to be a mastermind who prevents horrible ideas and script dialog from coming to fruition. Some directors are just bad at directing actors. They don't know how to explain their vision to an actor or actress, which can often result in a bad performance.

Directors are so important to the end result of a film. Even more so than the actors. Writers jobs are to create the initial story and dialog. The director however, must make that story become reality. He (or she) must bring that story to life with visionary tales of their own. So if they create a longer and more diverse film than the studios want, shouldn't they be given the freedom to do so? Didn't that studio hire them to bring their vision to the table?

When you have movies that get bad reviews, can you honestly blame a director? The studio cut that film the way they wanted it ultimately. If they want something removed, they have that power do alter it.

Films like 2003's 'Daredevil' which was not highly rated nor recommended from viewers and critics alike. But then you hear people telling you to watch the directors cut of the same film. It's actually a pretty good movie when you see what the director was going for.

This past years new Marvel film and sequel to 'Avengers', 'Age of Ultron' was released. Although deemed, still a good movie, it was considered by many, not as great as its predecessor. This was partly due to the amount of hype and expectations this sequel was trying to live up to, but a large part of the problem was the studio conflicting with Joss Whedon. Director of the original 'Avengers', the studio drove Whedon to such lengths of stress and distraught, that he later left Marvel. As the weight of trying to hold up the Avengers sequel proved to heavy with the studios added weight. He later stated:

2015 saw an attempted reboot for the Marvel originals, the Fantastic Four. Although the film looked decent in the trailers and so forth, it ultimately flopped like a pancake and was left to burn in the proverbial skillet. The project was plagued with problems from the start. But the most problematic of all is most likely the wedge the studios chose to drive between themselves and the director. In turn driving the director angry and leading the start of a hate relationship between the cast and crew and the man they worked under. The director, Josh Trank tweeted this the night before the films release.

When directors are not given the freedom to make their vision, it's not really them to blame. They might have made an excellent film. But once the studios got involved and bit by bit tweaked the original vision to fit their standards, that excellent film was no longer the one shown in theaters.

Honestly, there should be a studios cut instead. Let the director do his/her job.


Do you think directors cuts should need to be made?


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