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Alright! So, OkGo is one of my favorite bands of all time! Their catchy tunes synced with amazing music videos. Now this top 10 is specifically opinion based, and its based on the liking of the song. Not the music video! (that will be a different article) So sit back, relax and OK GO!

Number 10 - Upside Down & Inside out

A great upbeat way to start off the count down, eh? I'll admit it might be a little intense for first time listeners of the band. But allot of their content can be above and beyond which is what love about them!

Number 9- Last Leaf

If you enjoy relaxing acoustics, this is a great song to listen to. Just listening to it puts you in that warm soul, in the fall mood. Perfect for the start of fall!

Number 8 - Ok Go and the Muppets

Are they starting to sound familiar yet? Yes indeedy, they did a video with the classical muppets as a pre-ad; for their comeback on the big screen back in 2011. Their's even a tip of the hat of "Here it goes again." Their first music break.

Number 7- This Too Shall Pass

Now there are two different music videos of this song. As amazing as this marching band version is I find the other one way more visually appealing, but I will save it for the next top ten of the band.

Number 6- Before the earth was round

Ok this one is defiantly for the "artsy-fartst" type of people. But honestly the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

Number 5- Invincible

Doing research I found this rocking tune though some fan favorites and honestly... I like it too!

Number 4- Here it goes again

Ohh man! Even though its my number 4, I haven't heard this song in a while! If you haven't caught on yet on who these guys are, this is the video that started their career path. But in this post I need to try my hardest to focus on the song, not the video. This song was my jam in middle school. I would play it more than any other song, all day, everyday. It's super catchy and nostalgic. (yes shocking, this video is almost 10 years old. It's starting to count as nostalgic!)

Number 3 - White Knuckles

I want this song blasting in my ears while riding a roller coaster! This is a great, catchy beat and all I can picture is me riding Rip Ride Rockit at universal studios!

Number 2- The writings on the wall

Jesus take the wheel, cuz I feel like I'm entering wonderland! This song is just sound like the start of a great night out under the stars!

Number 1- I won't let you down

Now I feel really bad for admitting this but..I actually forgot they made this song! I remember when this song first came out how visually amazing it is (not spoiling it here). I later got a job in retail and this was the ONLY song I liked that was playing in the store. When ever it was on, it was my jam. After having one of my OkGo song marathons, I then remembered.

So yeah this is my top ten Songs of OkGo! I hope you enjoyed it!


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