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Crossovers in movies usually draw the biggest attention. Just look at Batman Vs. Superman. It's already the biggest film of 2016 with just one official trailer and a few cool pictures! And I think these next five crossover flicks would have that same effect.

5. Terminator / RoboCop Crossover

Kicking off this list is the battle of the machines. How would they meet? Would they be friends or enemies? And how long would they be fighting? We all know it takes forever to bring down a Terminator. And it cost just as much time to take the Robocop down. So I think it's safe to say it wouldn't be short battle. Would we really want it to be though?

4. Halloween / Friday The 13th Crossover

Now considered the holy grail of horror movies, everyone wants to see this crossover happen. And the debate over who'd win between these two iconic slashers is everlasting. Unfortunately the world of rights won't allow this bloody battle to happen...yet.

3. Godzilla vs. King Kong

These two mega-monsters have already crossed over in a movie before. But an up to date battle would for sure be on everybody's watch list. And according to numerous reports, King Kong and Godzilla could be throwing down sooner than you think!

2. Star Wars / Star Trek Crossover

The hype surrounding this crossover would be of epic proportions. Hardcore geeks and general fans alike would be infinitely exhilarated. And the Sci-Fi / Fantasy genres would explode! Dare I say it would even rival current superhero heavyweights like Batman Vs. Superman or Captain America: Civil War?

1. Marvel / DC Crossover

The largest crossover Hollywood could ever dream of making right now is this one. With the superhero craze being at an all time high right now, it's no surprise this would make a big splash in the film world. The action would be some of the best ever seen, and seeing fan favorites like Batman going at it with Wolverine would make any comic fan go nuts!


Which Of These Epic Crossovers Would YOU Want To See The Most?


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